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For many people, framed in this modern society we live in, it is extremely important to have a hobby, a pastime, a recreational activity that allows us to detach ourselves from reality, engaging in something positive for us and relaxing for our mind. Very often having hobbies is considered something for kids, or by people who have time to waste. However, scientific studies have shown that the concept of relaxation is not always associated with actions such as resting in bed or lying on an armchair; in fact these are things that relax, or rather, rest the body, but everyone knows that what most needs to relax and distract is the mind. Therefore, actions such as working in the garden are among the best ones for total relaxation; in fact they engage the body and also lead it to tire, but above all they distract the mind by engaging it in an activity that has nothing to do with the daily work that stresses us. Then, in the case of the garden, it is a commitment that we find ourselves because we take care of the garden of our home. Even the barbecue can be considered as such, because it has become famous all over the world for its ability to create harmony between people and simply make them feel good.

Take care of barbecue and garden

We mentioned in the previous paragraph how many people love to take care of their garden, which is truly a very personal kingdom. Well, the barbecue can and is considered just like a garden furniture. In fact, if you think about it, over the last few years it is becoming more and more a style object, with its own appeal not necessarily linked to its functionality. An example of this are the gadgets and accessories, the particular coatings (such as the brick effect), desired by those who know the barbecue market and know that this spirit of renewal can only raise the already excellent credentials of this product. Therefore, buying a barbecue becomes an excellent activity also for furnishing and perfecting the appearance of our garden, if we obviously exclude what is for example the range of small and foldable barbecues which are usually closed after use and placed in closets or in any case in places not directly accessible to the eye, so they do not furnish anything. Other examples, on the other hand, among which we can trace the increasingly widespread fixed wall barbecues, are real valuable pieces of the market so much that they need a nice corner of the garden all to themselves.

Barbecue plate

One of the most important parts of the barbecue is the cooking plate; in reality it consists of an optional accessory, since it alternates with the cooking grill. To clarify the difference between both, we note that the grill has holes between the upper and lower part (where the fire or in any case the heat source is located) on which the food rests so that it will cook. The plate, on the other hand, is a single element of metal or other material that heats up because it is touched by the heat source and then transmits this heat to cook the food placed on it. It seems evident from this description that the two types of cooking are totally different, and for an accurate description we refer you to the next paragraph. The barbecue plate is usually supplied in the initial purchase package, but the best plates are the ones we find on the alternative market, where even better materials are used. In particular, the best materials for barbecue plates are those that guarantee a uniform diffusion of heat, in order to guarantee proper cooking of the food itself. This is very important for healthy and healthy cooking.

Cooking on the grill and plate

Barbecue cooking on the grill is actually the classic barbecue cooking, that is, the one that results not only in the browning of the dishes, but also their light roasting, an aspect very welcome to all barbecue lovers. In fact, when roasting does not become burnt, it guarantees a more intense and aromatic flavor to the food, and that is why, for example, sausages and skewers are even better if cooked in this way. On the other hand, however, they are less healthy, both because that superficial roasting is not among the healthiest things, and because it is then a fatty kitchen. The plate, on the other hand, allows an almost totally opposite style of cooking: if on the one hand something is clearly lost in terms of flavor and delicacy, on the other hand, you earn a lot because of the wholesomeness of food cooked in this way. They are subjected to a constant and limited heat, without those excesses and without those flames that then go to make up the roasts. This allows the gradual elimination of the fats contained, a delicate and not excessive cooking even in the presence of condiments such as oil, and above all a lightness that allows a correct and rapid digestion without any feeling of heaviness.

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