Barriere frangivento

Wooden windbreak barriers

The windbreak barriers are structures capable of performing several functions: the main one, as the name suggests, is to protect the crops or in any case the green space from gusts of wind that could damage the plants present. At the same time, the barriers also create protection for people who wish to enjoy outdoor relaxation without being disturbed by the excessive presence of the wind, while a sufficiently thick barrier will also make it possible to block the view from the outside ensuring maximum privacy. Given the variety of functions required, the types of windbreak barriers are also varied, to meet the most diverse needs. The most traditional barriers are those in wood, which can be composed of whole panels or strips that allow the passage of light,

Freedom of sight

The wind barriers entirely made of wood or metal, however, are not the only solutions on the market: it is also possible to rely on wind barriers.with parts in pvc or glass, which allow maximum protection from the wind without obscuring the available space. These are structures composed of an iron or metal base, which in the upper part leave room for the pvc panels, perfectly resistant and suitable for exposure in open spaces, which being totally transparent allow the view and the passage of the sun. This solution is particularly suitable for those who, having a limited space available, want to avoid any risk of making it oppressive and preventing the view from sweeping even beyond the boundaries of their land, without losing even a ray of sunshine.

The purchase

Windbreak barriers are very common structures for the delimitation of gardens, terraces and green spaces: their purchase can be made at any center dedicated to gardening and do-it-yourself. The possibilities of choice, also from an aesthetic point of view, are many: if you are looking for a particular model, the advice is to go to several centers, so as to be able to identify the best solution from the point of view of quality ratio. – price. If the panels purchased are many or if they are large or in any case installation is required, it is possible to rely on the personnel of the manufacturer or the retailer shop, who will take care of the transport and laying of the panels on the ground. To avoid any surprises,

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