Beneficial goji berries

The benefits of Goji berries: the secret of longevity

Goji berries, thanks to their characteristics, are also starting to spread in the Western world. In Chinese medicine they have been known for 2000 years as a remedy to prevent various diseases. Containing very powerful antioxidant substances, if regularly consumed, they are able to delay the onset of cardiovascular diseases and tumors and more generally to avoid the consequences on the body that a sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition can cause. They can be consumed by anyone, without contraindications thus allowing, together with a healthy and correct lifestyle, to fight the signs of age. The oriental populations who regularly consume these fruits have an exceptional longevity,

The nutrients contained in Goji berries

These fruits, in addition to having a particular and pleasant taste, are a real concentrate of nutrients in fact, more than the type of substances contained in them, the real strength is the high concentration of the same as demonstrated by numerous studies made on them. They contain 18 amino acids, 9 of which are essential, about 200 different phytonutrients, including Germanium, Betaine, Zeaxanthin, Lutein and Solavetivone. They have a higher vitamin C and iron content, for equal weight, than you can get from a steak or oranges. The content of blessed carotene is higher than that of carrots. More generally, the content of essential oils, vitamins of the B group and trace elements is higher than that of any other fruit. The fiber content is around 21% and the carbohydrate content is 41%. All these elements give exceptional characteristics to this food.

How are Goji berries consumed?

Goji berries, thanks to their characteristics, are also starting to spread in the Western world. The dried berries can be consumed directly, a bit like raisins are more traditionally consumed, or after having rehydrated them in hot water, or in the form of fruit juices. You can also prepare an elixir to be consumed throughout the day by placing a handful of dried berries in a pitcher of water. In this way, the berries will release the nutrients to the liquid giving a very particular aroma to the drink. The best way to fully enjoy the beneficial effects of Goji berries is to consume them directly as in the production of fruit juices and other derivatives the nutrients can lose their effectiveness by decreasing the antioxidant and purifying properties of these fruits.

Benefits of Goji Berries: Spread of Goji Berries in the West

For some years these fruits have been seeing an increase in their consumption also in the Western world, especially in America and Australia, while in Europe they are not yet very widespread. In the first two continents, their consumption is still in the form of berry extracts inserted in fruit juices or other products of the same category. the consumption of this product in its simplest form, consumption of fresh or dried fruit, is still not very widespread probably because the great properties of this food have not yet been disclosed or are not adequately advertised. With a correct dissemination of the data obtained from the research carried out on this plant, the populations who do not know the least about Goji, would be much more likely to consume this fruit with its great nutritional characteristics.

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