Best brush cutter

Where to buy the best brush cutter

To buy the best brushcutter we can turn to word of mouth, listening to the advice of more experienced friends, visiting the internet pages dedicated to DIY or going to a specialized shop. As for the internet, often on gardening sites and blogs there are detailed descriptions of the various products on the market. Surfing the web allows you to get a deeper idea from the comfort of your home. We can make a comparison between different models and evaluate the best brands to buy, those that are considered most reliable by users, especially on the internet pages that host feedback, or comments relating to direct user experiences. Alternatively, you can go to a gardening tool shop and hobby supermarkets, to the

Petrol brushcutter

To buy the best brushcutter we will have to carefully evaluate what our needs are. First of all we need to consider the size of the green area that we need to take care of, also considering the type of land. If there are irregularities and shrubs, for example near a wood where varieties of very dense bushes and brambles with thorns grow spontaneously, we will opt for a semi-professional product, able to operate even in the most difficult conditions. The petrol brush cutter is certainly more performing for ordinary and extraordinary cleaning and maintenance work, even in the presence of considerably tall grass. The petrol brush cutter can also be a professional tool, intended for everyday activity, guaranteeing the

Electric and battery-powered brushcutter

For those who have to cut the grass in the perimeter around the house without the need to go too far, the best brushcutter is the electric one. Operation is easy and immediate: just turn on the tool by connecting it to the electrical outlet of the house or garage. The only disadvantage is that we will have to carry the power line or the extension cord with us, taking care to ensure that the length is sufficient to cut the grass throughout the garden. The main advantage is the almost total absence of maintenance, since there will be no spark plugs to replace and the brushcutter can be turned on without the classic problem of prolonged inactivity, as happens with internal combustion engines. The most modern models are battery-powered brushcutters, suitable for cutting small portions of the garden with low grass or lawn edges. The operation is the same as the electric ones but it is not necessary to carry the power cord with you.

Best Brushcutter: Accessories, brands and prices

When buying a brushcutter, the question of accessories must also be considered. On the market it is possible to find multifunction equipment that with a single structural body and a single motor can be used in different circumstances. In a very simple way, brushcutters, hedge trimmers and chainsaws are disassembled and assembled, being able to have practically all the equipment necessary for garden maintenance in a single solution. The other element that makes the difference is the rotating head, the accessory where the nylon line for cutting the grass is rolled up. The “hit and go” models allow you to unwind the reel automatically, simply by activating the spring and knocking the head to the ground while the brushcutter is running. As for the brands of products with internal combustion engines, the best brushcutters are Alpina, Honda, Husqvarna; among the electric ones, Al-Ko should be mentioned; battery-powered models include Black & Decker and Bosch.

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