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The mother tincture of hawthorn

The mother tincture is defined in this way precisely for its particular ability to retain all the principles of the plant that is being used. It is a herbal product or also called phytotherapeutic product, and it differs from other types of natural remedies by its maceration in water and alcohol. In particular, the mother tincture of hawthorn contains all the flavonoids and tannins contained in this special plant in order to eliminate free radicals in our body; dilates blood vessels in order to improve blood pressure in subjects with hypertension, acts as a sedative of the central nervous system, in cases of tachycardia and menopause. Only one use for medium / long periods, the mother tincture of hawthorn gives effective results, for this reason it is always advisable to ask for advice from herbalists or doctors.

Preparation of mother tincture

For the preparation of the hawthorn mother tincture, about 10/20 days of maceration are required and a few hours for preparation. Collect hawthorn flowers and leaves in the balsamic period (April) dry a very small part of it and weigh it, then with an equity ratio it is possible to work out the one to ten proportion of drug-alcohol solution at 65%. It is essential to macerate the fresh parts of hawthorn as once dried, its major properties are lost. After the days for maceration, which vary depending on the place where it is stored, filter the liquid content and store in a dark glass container to better protect the product from light, so as to allow it to be stored for several years without the

The few and mild contraindications of hawthorn tincture

Hawthorn, in the mother tincture solution, if taken in recommended doses without exceeding, does not present substantial contraindications except for those suffering from low blood pressure. The hawthorn in these cases, acting as a dilator vessel, would increase the problem and slow down the cardiovascular system; it should not be used on bradycardic subjects, on those who do digital therapies and, like any other herbal remedy, it is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This plant interferes in a non-aggressive way with inotropic drugs (which help the heart in its contraction force to pump blood) by relaxing the muscles of the arterial veins and weakening their potency. It is always good practice to ask for the opinion of a herbalist or a doctor, so that he can draw conclusions according to the specificity of the person.

Hawthorn contraindications: When to use hawthorn mother tincture

Hawthorn tincture is mainly functional in cases of hypertension but this plant with a thousand properties comes to our aid even in menopause by attenuating hot flashes, in cases of angina pectoris and laryngitis with gargling. The berries also have a digestive function by helping to regulate appetite and stimulating the assimilation of food. When there are valve malfunctions and cholesterol, hawthorn can help. It is preferable to use them for diarrhea and abdominal bloating. We must not forget that each plant has different usable drug parts, each of them has in itself the totality of the properties that the herb has but flowers, leaves and berries (in this case) or roots give the possibility to act more effectively on one level over another,

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