Biotrituratore a scoppio

What is a shredder for

Those who work in the countryside or actively dedicate themselves to cleaning their garden know very well that the amount of waste material produced is quite substantial, especially if the surface on which we work is decidedly large. Often the most drastic solution to get rid of these scraps is to make a bonfire and burn everything. But there is a much more convenient and much less demanding solution. The petrol garden shredder. This machine has a very simple structure. A frame on which a heat engine is installed, which in turn moves a rotating blade, the blade is placed at the base of a hopper where the material to be processed will be thrown inside. Through the centrifugal force it drags everything towards itself, breaking it up completely, at the end of the process, through a duct it is expelled.

Necessity and performance

Before buying an petrol-powered shredder, we must obviously ask ourselves, if we need it and above all what use we will have to make of it.Fortunately, these machines really exist for every need, of various sizes and powers. It is therefore logical before proceeding with the purchase to inquire well about the use we are going to make of it, and therefore orientate ourselves on the most suitable models for us. orienting towards a more professional model.The domestic models are very simple to use and do not allow great versatility, they are almost all with small displacement motors therefore they allow the cutting of small branches and very small quantities of material. professional, have a field of decidedly broader action. In addition to having powers, shapes and sizes for all tastes, they have “optional” details that should not be underestimated, such as the possibility of deciding the type of cut of the compound.

Petrol shredder, domestic use

For home use it may happen that you are not satisfied with a shredder with an electric motor. But we want to orient ourselves on the purchase of an internal combustion engine model. There are really many models, and for all budgets. The dimensions are variable, obviously it depends on the type of needs. The bigger the machine, the more it will be able to grind material, most of the models are equipped with wheels for movement, so as to move freely on the work field.Also the displacement of the engine, and therefore the power is very variable, they range from a minimum of 50cc (with power very similar to that of a fairly performing electric motor) to a maximum of 190cc. Obviously, always speaking at home. Prices for a 50cc model are around $ 900, increasing in displacement, it also goes up in price, easily reaching $ 4000 for an almost professional model. You can evaluate the purchase of a used model, but you have to make sure of the use that has been made of it, and of the hours of work, being a machine subject to particular wear, a lot of attention must be paid.

Petrol shredder, professional use

For models for professional use, the range is even wider, there are really several. The dimensions are so large that it is necessary to use mechanical shovels during the loading phases. But obviously we are on an almost industrial level. A professional or semi-professional model starts from a minimum displacement of 150cc to a maximum of 600cc. Here the prices well exceed $ 6000 and some models in addition to being equipped with a road trolley, have the possibility of being powered by a tractor, as well as by their own engine, are equipped with an extendable belt for ejection and other features to simplify the work process. In these cases, if you want to save something, the evaluation of a used model is seriously recommended,

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