Birthday flowers

Human feelings

The human being is probably the form of life that on planet Earth has reached the greatest level of evolution, as it has lost many physical characteristics such as size, strength, excellent sense of smell, developed hearing and others, but has gained some in relationships. social and cognitive abilities that have brought it in a dominant position with respect to other animal species. Yet, there is still another thing that perhaps clearly distinguishes us from all other forms of life: feelings. It has been shown that other very intelligent animal species also feel a kind of affection towards humans, as for example happens to dogs, but what man has developed is truly incredible. We do not think we are exaggerating when we say that man’s life today is controlled by what he loves, hates, what he likes and what makes him happy or satisfies him; they are all feelings, they are not «physical» but «states of mind», obviously possible thanks to a mind that has been able to overcome even a very developed body and brought to a good level of perfection. The expression of these feelings is another interesting «branch» of human life: the art forms were the first to follow the word in trying to express everything we feel in the soul.

Flowers communicate

Even if, as we mentioned previously, the human being has developed many forms of communication for his emotions, it is never enough: in fact, precisely in the definition of emotion there is intrinsic something «not definable», difficult to express in short and also difficult to understand if you don’t get to feel the same things. Thinking back it is a bit strange: has man managed to do many things, to build bridges, to fly, to read DNA and cannot communicate emotions? Yes, he succeeds, but not as well as, for example, flowers do: these small living beings of vegetable nature are born with a completely different purpose than helping us to express feelings, in fact they are the ones involved in the reproduction of plants, allowing the pollination and growth of new specimens. Why did man elect them as great communicators? Well, we do not know precisely because being something that concerns the human mind and soul, it cannot be scientifically demonstrable; however it is practically certain, as it is common to all of us to get excited in front of a flower, especially when it is given to us for a reason: whatever it is, it seems obvious that that flower wants to tell us exactly how much we imagine!

Flowers for birthday

The best occasions in which to give flowers depend quite a lot on our needs and personal tastes, as well as on interests and way of being; in general, flowers are given on occasions when there is a need to demonstrate how close we are to a person, both on positive and negative occasions. A party that is not loved by everyone because it demonstrates the passage of time and aging is the birthday; we believe that it is still a special day for everyone, even for those who do not take it very well, therefore we make clear reference to it as an occasion in which you can give flowers: a beautiful floral bouquet to celebrate a birthday is perfect for both a woman and for a man, although in this case it is less usual. In general, the woman loves to receive flowers because every woman loves to feel romantically honored and, contrary to what is said, she does not want only material gifts but likes that they have a certain meaning. In this, nothing is better than flowers, because they are economically worth little (certainly not a jewel of gold and diamonds) but they carry with them a charge of sensations.

A good bouquet

But how do you make a good birthday bouquet? Well, on the birthday there is a birthday boy and everything should be as he wishes! It is done for lunch, when the mother or wife cooks their favorite dish, and therefore it is also done for the flowers: we just have to respect the tastes of the one or the one who has a birthday that day, without feeling particularly discouraged if we do not know them well desires, as flowers are never hated (not even in the case of annoying allergies!) and therefore composing a gazette pleasing to the eye and with good color combinations you can be almost on the safe side. In general, however, the most popular species, as far as women are concerned, are roses and tulips; for roses it is good to avoid the red color as it is explicitly dedicated to love, while it can be integrated with other surrounding species. For a man the speech is slightly different: the bundle or bunch or bouquet of flowers is not given for a male birthday, on this occasion it is much better to donate a single blue rose, for example, with an affectionate greeting card. The lonely but well packaged flower is often seen as a symbol of being special to someone, so it is a classic gift from a partner for her loved one.

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