Blueberry cultivation

Prepare the soil for the cultivation of Blueberry

The Blueberry plant prefers acidic soils (Ph between 4/5), fertilized and well dissolved. Once the parcel of land to be dedicated to cultivation has been identified, we proceed with deep plowing up to about 25 cm. Then the future rows are plowed with a spade (spaced 1.5 meters apart) and the earth is removed. A layer of vegetable fertilizer will be placed in the furrows, a layer of granular sulfur to regularize, if anything, the previously analyzed pH, finally everything will be covered with its own earth mixed with acid peat. With 4 stakes, the parcel will be delimited and left to rest until spring, to allow time for the supplements to be assimilated naturally by the soil. Autumn, with its still mild and not excessively humid climate, favors the treatment.

Germination of Giant Blueberry seeds

Among the most common varieties of blueberry seeds, the one that best suits cultivation is certainly the “American giant blueberry”. The plant grows up to 1.50 meters high, resists bad weather very well and bears fruit with large, juicy and tasty berries. Between January and February the seedbed will be prepared using a wooden saucepan. The container will be filled almost to the top with soil mixed with vegetable humus and the seeds will be planted. The container will be sealed with a perforated transparent plastic film and placed in a humid and not sunny place. After about 15 days, shoots with 1 or 2 leaves will begin to appear. When the seedlings reach a minimum height of 10 cm, they can be gently uprooted and planted in the ground now ready.

The cutting of the Blueberry plant.

The Blueberry plant is suitable for reproduction with the cutting technique. From the Blueberry plant already adult (2/3 years), healthy shrub twigs are cut obliquely with a sharp knife or with clean and disinfected scissors. Among the most common, hydroponic rooting with only immersion in water, is the one that allows a higher percentage of success. At this point, the cutting will need to live in a warm / humid, airy and bright place, but never exposed to direct sunlight. After about 2 months it will have rooted in water and, at the height of the nodes of the branch, the first light green shoots will open. The growth in water will continue until the leaves develop, at this point the Blueberry cutting is ready to be planted.

Blueberry cultivation: The Blueberry harvest

The Blueberry plant reaches adequate ripeness after 2/3 years and, from the third year onwards, bears fruit with abundant berries (from 1.5 kh ​​to 5 kg per plant), large, juicy and tasty. Harvesting is done by hand in the summer, between July and September, when the fruits reach a beautiful black or red color throughout its structure. The ripe berries, however, are also an excellent food for birds, insects and parasites, it is therefore recommended to apply covers during the critical weeks of development. Blueberry is a fruit with a combined sweet / sour taste, it can be eaten fresh immediately after harvesting or jams, syrups, decoctions and herbal teas are prepared. The beneficial properties are manifold and act on the circulation, liver and intestine.

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