Boiron mother tincture

Effects and properties of Boiron mother tincture

As we have said, the Boiron mother tincture is a herbal extract that contains the phytocomplex of the plant unaltered, because it is used for the treatment of a large number of ailments. The effect changes in relation to the type of plant that is used for the preparation. It is important to remember that the expiration of a bottle of Boiron mother tincture is around five years from when the package is still closed. Before taking it is necessary to pay particular attention to the presence of alcohol, because there may be people who have problems related to liver functions. In this case, the mother tincture is not the most suitable solution. Mother tincture is one of the preparations that lends itself best to the so-called practice of self-medication and, in most cases,

Composition of the mother tincture

The Boiron mother tincture is prepared with the so-called drug, which is the part of the plant where the active ingredients reside and give it therapeutic medicinal activities. The concept of drugs, which over the years has been altered in a negative sense, giving it the sense of narcotic substance, in phytotherapy designates the raw material that is used in herbal preparation. The drug can be represented by the whole plant (root, stem or leaf), by the aerial part (stem or leaf) or by the root. The presence and concentration of the active ingredient in a drug depends on the vegetative phase of the plant, therefore the harvest of the plant must be carried out according to the species, its vegetative cycle and the part of the plant that needs to be extracted. For this reason the drug is collected in a «

Preparation of the mother tincture

The preparation is the starting point of many other herbal and galenic preparations. Precisely for this reason it is called «mother». The tincture is obtained by letting parts of a plant (leaf, flower, root, seed, bark) macerate slowly in cold, in order to extract and preserve its properties. Once the drug has been chosen and collected in its balsamic time, it must be macerated, still fresh, in the solvent. The alcohol is reduced in strength, according to a table with various dilution parameters, in order to lower the alcoholic volume. The average alcohol content used for the hydroalcoholic solution is usually 50 degrees with variations, depending on the type of drug or active ingredient, between 20 ° and 80 °. For the mother tincture we use the

Boiron mother tincture: Preparation of the Boiron mother tincture

After being cut, the plant is left to macerate in a mixture of alcohol and water purified by biosmosis, inside a stainless steel container. The measurement of the humidity of the plant allows to accurately calculate the quantity of alcohol and water that must be added. This moisture content is determined by pressing on an infrared scale. The alcohol content depends on the strain which generally varies between 45% and 90% and the duration of maceration ranges from 10 to 30 days. After maceration, the mother tincture is squeezed with hydraulic presses and then filtered on a specific filter cartridge. The squeezing of the juice allows to separate the green residue, called «cake» which is destined for composting, from the solution which is in turn filtered to eliminate particles larger than 1 micron. The control of the manufacture of a mother tincture concerns the alcoholic strength, the determination of the dry residue and the identification of the characteristic constituents by thin layer chromatography.

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