Bonsai price

What causes the variability of the bonsai price

If until about fifteen years ago the only image of bonsai that one had was represented by the master Miyagi intent on pruning one in “Karate Kid”, today they are much more widespread and known. Bonsai is a plant that requires great care from those who buy it. First of all, it is useful to carefully reflect in which position of the house you want to place the plant, in fact, there are species that must remain inside, namely tropical and sub-tropical ones, while others are more suitable for outdoors. The price of these plants varies according to size, age and especially the species. If the most common are the Chinese elm, the olive tree and the bonsai ficus, it should be remembered that there are many others. Now let’s choose paying attention to the price, which can vary from a few euros to thousands.

What tools to buy to get started with bonsai

The cost of buying the tools suitable for pruning and growing our plant should also be added to the price of the bonsai. To start, it would be essential to get the different types of scissors available on the market, those for the roots, for the leaves and for the twigs (even for 15 euros). To these we should also add a spherical cutter that will help us to detach the pieces of branch attached to the trunk, even if they are found for less than 60 euros. Also very useful will be the double use rake, whose price is around 20 euros, in fact, if on the one hand it will allow you to clean the soil, on the other, the spatula handle will allow easy application of the cicatrizant. Another element necessary to start is the metal wire, which will serve to direct the trunk and the branches,

Repotting the bonsai

Periodically, as we do for other plants, we should carry out the so-called repotting, a stressful operation for the plant, therefore we choose the period appropriately: spring would be ideal, especially in places with harsh winters. Speaking of costs, also in this case the price varies according to the size of the vase we will buy: there are very nice ones at 10 euros, but obviously also at more than 100 euros. As far as bonsai are concerned, we always try to use a smaller pot, although this is true only for bonsai that have already been formed and cultivated for years. Since the holes are often not large enough and few, it is important to make sure they are suitable so that air circulates and excess water escapes. A well executed work will allow the bonsai to overcome the repotting phase.

Bonsai Price: Bonsai pruning is priceless

Pruning is a very relaxing practice, both for the mind and for the body, therefore it is priceless, but it is also a work of patience and knowledge, which requires a solid foundation in order not to cut the wrong parts of the bonsai. In this process, unnecessary or defective branches are eliminated: the goal is to allow the plant to receive more light. There are two types of pruning: maintenance and setting. If in the first case we will ensure that the bonsai maintains and perfects its shape, in the second, we will be the ones to give it the look we want. Also in this case it is good to choose the most suitable period, generally autumn or the end of winter. Make sure that the plant is in excellent health, as it will consume a lot of energy to heal and its existence could be at risk.

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