Botanical iris

Iris Botanica

The origins of this flower are very ancient; in fact it is known that various peoples over the centuries have used it for both decorative and medicinal purposes and it is currently used in homeopathy to combat headaches and vomiting, for problems with the digestive system and against restlessness. . The botanical iris, whose name derives from the Greek and means “rainbow”, due to the wide range of colors of the flower, is a symbol strongly linked to Christian iconography as it welcomes three internal petals that recall the trinity: the white irises in particular they are associated with the chastity of the Madonna. It is probably for this reason that among the various meanings of the iris there is also that of faith and dedication in the spiritual sense as well as the interest in knowledge and discovery.

Botanical iris in the language of flowers

Throughout its range of colors, the botanical iris never hides nasty surprises in the language of flowers. The yellow color, which in the case of many flowers is associated with misfortunes in the sentimental field, in the interpretation of the meaning of the iris represents on the contrary vivacity, love, triumph and absolute trust. Iris is also often associated with knowledge, with the wisdom acquired through study and for this reason it is included in graduation bouquets or given to people who are considered particularly wise. The white iris is a reference to purity and spirituality while the lilac one is associated with hope, a bouquet of multicolored irises represents the

Blue iris

The most common botanical iris is that of an intense blue color with a yellow or white central part, in this specific color it represents a secret to be revealed, an incoming message, some crucial information that we are about to receive. This meaning probably derives from the Greek legend according to which the goddess Iris, through the rainbow, acted as a messenger between heaven and earth, bringing news between one and the other. In the masterpiece of the horror master Dario Argento “Suspiria”, a mural with a blue iris will reveal to the protagonist the secrets behind the mysterious disappearance of her schoolmates: this symbol was not chosen by chance as the “key “that connects two worlds and reveals the truth. In Hawaii this macerated flower, in the blue variant,

Iris botany meaning, information, history and curiosities

Iris is widely used in cosmetic use and over the centuries, by various peoples, it has been used to perfume, as an anti-inflammatory, antiviral, pain reliever, etc. The Egyptians attributed almost divine properties to this flower. In medieval times, however, it was associated with the French monarchy. In the present it is traditionally given to celebrate 25 years of marriage and for this reason it is considered synonymous with happy and lasting unions. Some interpret this flower as synonymous with eternal life. For others it represents people who have ambitious goals: it would be the shape of the flower, reaching upwards, to have given this inspiration, in China, on the other hand, the shape of the flower has been associated with butterflies; the petals would represent wings, for this reason in the east the flower symbolizes gracefulness, beauty,

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