Brick barbecue

How to build a brick barbecue

How to build a brick barbecue The first thing to consider is where: the ideal position of a barbecue is easily accessible from the kitchen, so it will be better to place the barbecue near the entrance to the house. to the chimney already installed in the kitchen.Once a project has been drawn, you can proceed to make the calculations necessary for the purchase of materials: mainly bricks and mortar. of mortar, having the size of the individual bricks and the complete barbecue you can get an estimate of the number of bricks needed. As for the mortar, it is best to ask the dealer for help by providing him with all the data he needs.

Refractory brick barbecue

Refractory brick barbecue. For the construction, refractory materials are required when you intend to expose the building to a temperature higher than 538 ° C. For this you must use refractory bricks for the barbecue. The cost is higher than that of simple bricks, but necessary. Leroy Merlin, for example, cost $ 1.11 each. Refractory bricks measuring 22 * ​​11 * 6cm. From Bricoman refractory bricks with the same size but half as thick (3cm instead of 6cm) cost $ 0.65 each. Almost everywhere the prices are more or less the same, and to save them you can buy them in large quantities, especially if you have subsequent expansion projects. Refractory bricks have the double advantage of strong mechanical resistance, as well as thermal resistance.therefore they will keep their shape and guarantee a barbecue able to survive shocks of various kinds.

DIY brick barbecue

To build a brick barbecuedo it yourself, once you have designed a project and purchased the material, you will have to start laying the foundations. If you have already purchased the grill that will be used when the barbecue is finished, the ideal is to use it as a guide to understand where to dig. Once the perimeter of the barbecue has been established, you can start digging a hole at least fifty centimeters deep, with well-squared corners.Once you have filled the hole with mortar, and leveled the mortar, you will wait for it to dry, which will take about two days (48h) before laying the bricks. If you do not already have the grid, you need to decide on an arbitrary perimeter. But from the design stage it is better to have a grill already, because it is more practical to design the barbecue around it than to go crazy afterwards because the measurements cannot be found.

Building a brick barbecue. At this point, as soon as the mortar has dried, it’s time to place the first bricks and then climb up, being very careful to be “level”, ie perfectly perpendicular to the ground. Otherwise the barbecue will come up wrong.Before laying the bricks, it is advisable to place them without mortar and with a pencil draw the outline that will then serve as a guide for the actual installation.In drawing the guides you will also need to remember to keep about two centimeters between a brick and At this point you can lay a little mortar on the foundations, level it and place the first brick on it. To the second brick you will need to add about two centimeters of mortar where it will come into contact with the first, and so you will proceed up to the end, remembering that at

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