Brickwork barbecue

The art of barbecue

Being outdoors in a healthy environment is certainly the best way to relax and spend your free time. With the arrival of summer, you get rid of all the constraints caused by winter and look for the sun to regenerate. Those lucky enough to have a garden or an open-air space to spend their time also decide to equip themselves with a barbecue to brighten up their afternoons. More and more often shops and retailers offer brick barbecues to entice customers to adopt this elegant and ecological solution for their spaces. Because let’s face it: barbecuing is an art, and if we combine the work of art with an elegant and solid frame, it will look better. No garden accessory gives the safety and solidity of a brick barbecue, which,

Choosing well is choosing better

From the simplest to the most complex of projects, barbecues range in shape and size, satisfying all needs. One can be satisfied, if we want to say so, with a simple heap of stones stacked in bulk in a corner of one’s garden; or you can devote a little more attention to the project for the masonry barbecue, and create buildings of great elegance. Paying attention to the space you have available, you can decide the size of your brick barbecue. A tip, if you are not a veteran of the construction, is to make it in an airy place, so as not to need flues and aspirators and, above all, not to set fire to the splendid hedge you have in the garden! So choose carefully the place where to place it. The brick barbecue ensures longevity, but as a cons it has that, once realized, it doesn’t move anymore. Also, pay attention to your needs. Are you sure that a large barbecue is a better barbecue? Do you really need it? Remember, the bigger it is, the more it will be necessary to light (and maintain) a large fire to keep it warm and cook properly.


As Totò said and repeated, referring to a waste of money for something unnecessary … and I pay. A high price is not always synonymous with quality, and spending a fortune will not always satisfy all your needs. After you have decided on the size you need for your brick barbecue, take a tour of the different retailers and get an idea of ​​the different prices and offers that are on the market. As with most products, the basic price, even very low, is around 50/70 euros. These basic models are also sold in supermarkets and home improvement stores. Certainly a more substantial expense is instead that of custom-made masonry barbecues, made with stones and with a final result of high design impact. Obviously between the two extremes the truth lies in the middle, they say, so perhaps the choice of an average model between the two possibilities will certainly be preferred. A medium-large model, with shelves on both sides, is between $ 150 and $ 300 euros, an expense with which you will certainly have a good product.

Masonry Barbecue: Do it yourself in the open air

Work ennobles man, we were told as children to justify the fact that it was necessary to get busy with some productive occupation. Maybe, but justification or not, it is true that making something with your own hands and then being able to use it gives a lot of satisfaction. So why not arm yourself with a little goodwill, a few bricks and a few ideas for building a brick barbecue? If we are lucky enough to have some leftover bricks in the house, perhaps since that time we repaired the wall and we have something left over, so much the better. Otherwise the materials to make a brick barbecue are really easy to find. In any DIY shop you can indulge yourself with all the components necessary to create and customize your own barbecue!

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