Building a fence

How to build a fence with ‘do it yourself’

To delimit the boundaries of your land and to increase the security level of the entire area, the solution is simple: build a fence. The operation can also be done through the ‘do it yourself’, without the need to be experts in the masonry sector. Municipal permits are not required to build a fence, but it is still advisable to check the regulations in force by going to the offices of the Municipality on which the land stands, in order to be informed with certainty about the minimum distances to be respected to other properties and to public spaces, as well as on the maximum height that the work to be built can have. Once all the necessary information has been found, it is possible to start procuring the raw materials to proceed to the beginning of the work.

The choice of materials to be used

The first thing to do when making a fence is to choose the type of material to use for the construction. The choice generally falls on wood or metal nets. As far as wood is concerned, the advantage is undoubtedly represented by the fascinating aesthetic aspect of the material, which however is subject to attacks by insects and parasites, as well as being not very resistant to bad weather. There are prefabricated wooden panels on the market, which allow you to avoid the processing of individual boards. Metal meshes represent an advantageous but inconspicuous solution from a visual point of view, however they are resistant over time and ensure a good degree of protection from intrusions. In addition, wire meshes prove to be quite simple to install.

Choice of height and delimitation of the area to be fenced

An element to be determined before starting work is the height of the fence: if the goal is to protect privacy or ensure a minimum of security, it is advisable to choose a height of 180 centimeters, while if the purpose is simply to delimit the area, even 120 or 130 centimeters may be enough. After choosing the height and the material that best suits your needs, you need to fix four poles on the boundaries of the ground, one for each corner, and then connect them with wire or string. Once the operation is completed, it is necessary to identify some points on which to place intermediate posts, in order to make the construction more stable. It is recommended to measure the entire length of the fence and divide it by 2.5 meters,

Building a fence: Fixing the posts and completing the fence

Using a shovel, dig holes on which to fix the intermediate posts, burying them for about a third of their length. Once the operation is complete, it is necessary to pour concrete inside the holes, almost completely filling the available space. Then you have to insert the poles inside each hole, waiting for the concrete to perform its solidifying action. At this point, if you have chosen wood, insert a beam every two posts, later fixing the prefabricated vertical boards. Of course, the distance between one axis and the other varies according to your project. However, it is advisable not to exceed 20 centimeters in distance. After installation, you can paint the fence with your favorite color. If, on the other hand, you have opted for the wire mesh, the latter must be unrolled for the entire length of the fence and hooked to the poles, which in this case will be equipped with special supports for anchoring. It is important to make sure that the net is straight and well stretched, hooking it definitively only after having checked the success of the work.

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