Building a pergola

Things to know before building a pergola

To decide if the right choice for you is to build a pergola, you must first clarify the difference between a pergola and a canopy, which are often confused. The canopy is built on a wall that acts as a support while the pergola is more of a long tunnel with poles for support and an intertwining of beams at the top. The most used materials to build pergolas are wood, wood and masonry or just masonry. Wood is usually the most chosen material because it integrates better with the natural landscape, but the other materials mentioned above are often chosen because they are more resistant to bad weather and require less maintenance. In general there is no need for special permits to build a pergola, but in particular cases or doubts (such as a house with several owners, etc.

Building a DIY arbor

If you decide to build a pergola without using professional labor but doing everything yourself or with the help of family and friends, the first thing you will need will be the right materials. You will need to choose the right type of wood that fits your decor, and if you choose materials other than wood you will still need to adapt them. Subsequently you will have to delimit the space in which your pergola is to be built, make holes at the level of the four corners of the chosen place in which the support poles will then be inserted. After the posts have been inserted, concrete must be poured into the holes to ensure that these supports are firmly fixed. Once the concrete is dry (after about two days) you can mount the four beams that connect the posts and then subsequently fix the joists. At this point your pergola will be ready!

Construction of a pergola and costs

The costs relating to the construction of a pergola are very variable; in general these costs depend on the type of wood, the size of the pergola and the labor. In general, the price of a pergola can vary from about three hundred euros for the classic traditional wooden pergola with four pillars to support pergolas that can exceed two thousand euros in case of use of precious wood, of difficult construction and of the choice of labor. . Obviously we will also have middle ground, with pergolas that will cost around nine hundred euros with a very stable structure and worked wood and of good quality. You can then choose whether to use your pergola to grow vines or to decorate it in a more elegant way with refined curtains and fabrics, obviously by choosing to pay extra.

The vines suitable for the pergola

Once the construction of your pergola is completed you can choose whether to embellish it and at the same time insert it in your garden with climbing plants. Traditionally, pergolas are used for vine plants, in order to grow table or wine grapes, but there are many other climbers suitable for this structure. You can choose to plant a kiwi plant, so that your pergola, as well as providing shade, also produces genuine fruits of which you know the origin. If, on the other hand, you are more oriented towards flowers rather than fruits, you can choose jasmine, particularly suitable because it loves sunny areas and also gives off a splendid scent. Finally, you can choose climbing roses, which are particularly resistant plants with small and numerous flowers.

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