Building a wood oven

How to build a wood-fired pizza oven

Generally when making an outdoor oven, its primary use is to bake pizzas for dinners with family or friends. More rarely it is used to make bread at home. Let’s see now how to build a wood-fired pizza oven. First, it is necessary to build the wood-burning oven in a place where there is enough space for the oven plant and to be able to use it comfortably. As with all other masonry constructions, the wood-burning oven requires a base that supports the supporting structure. Indeed, even if it is possible to build a wood ovenplaced directly on the ground, for practicality and comfort it is better to have the hob at the canonical height of life. An outdoor oven will also need a solid foundation plinth dug into the ground, equipped with a drainage system to prevent infiltration.

Building a wood-burning oven step by step

Let’s see how to build a wood ovenstep by step. The first thing to do is to make the base of the oven, which will support the weight and isolate the hob (in order not to disperse the heat of the cooking and avoid infiltrations). Its dimensions must be sufficient to accommodate the oven and the insulating cover, leaving enough space for you to work on it without difficulty. Generally the excavation for the basement must be at least 30-35 centimeters and its dimensions must be slightly larger than the outer perimeter of the basement. Beat the ground to make it compact and solid, to then spread a compact layer of gravel or crushed stone. Once this is done, you can proceed with casting a cast of reinforced concrete equipped with concrete rods or an electro-welded mesh. Once the foundation plinth is completed,

The base of the oven can be made of any material, as long as it is solid enough to support the weight of the oven and its cover. The larger the size and frequency of use of the oven, the thicker the insulating layer must be. As already mentioned, a wood oven can be made with various materials (concrete blocks, masonry, bricks, etc.). Let’s see here how to build a wood ovenin refractory bricks. For a medium-sized floor (1 x 1.5 meters approximately), a hundred or so refractory bricks will be needed. Attention: the bricks must not be joined with the mortar, but they must only be joined tightly to each other and beaten lightly so that they adhere well to the bottom surface. The top must be as level as possible, so that the movements of the oven blades are not hindered by protruding bricks. Once the first row of bricks has been made, the kiln mouth must be built (it must have a net height between 60 and 65% of that of the kiln). Then proceed with the most delicate part, the construction of the vault.

Building a handcrafted wood oven

Let’s see the last points of our guide. When building a handcrafted wood-burning oven, you must make a wooden form to support the weight of the vault bricks as you proceed with the construction. It is important not to leave any gaps and that the edges of the bricks towards the inside are strictly close together. Use the mortar to fill in the gaps between bricks. Once the first arch is completed, once the mortar is dry, the wooden form is removed and placed next to the finished arch to repeat the operation. Insert a little mortar between each arch and leave a space for the flue. Wait at least a couple of weeks for the mortar to dry. Then cover the vault with a mortar coating (or aluminous cement, if intensive use of the oven is planned) about 10 centimeters thick to protect the oven from atmospheric agents. For the first 5-6 times, the oven must be used gradually, without exceeding the duration of use and the intensity of the fire.

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