Building an iron barbecue

Iron barbecue with an old barrel

To build an iron barbecue with an old barrel, of course, you must first of all recover the barrel. You know those big iron barrels where you can also light a fire? Here, those. It will be better to choose a barrel previously used for food purposes, for example that contained oil or, better still, honey. The barrel must therefore be cleaned thoroughly, which is all in all the worst part of the job because it requires a lot of elbow grease. To recover one of these metal barrels, you can go to a landfill or to large bakeries or restaurants that could order their ingredients in large quantities and therefore in these large containers. Once the barrel has been cleaned, remove the portion that will become the lid with an edger.

Once the barrel has been opened, the iron barbecue support must be createdthat we want to achieve. You can go to the hardware store and buy some metal bars, but surely by browsing the garage you will find something that has been there for too long, needs to be used and is suitable for the purpose. Old scaffold pipes for example: it does not matter that they are very resistant, because the barbecue will not weigh much, but it would be better if it were made of iron or in any case of a material that does not burn if struck by some spark or ember. Cut two supports the length of the barrel and four that will be the legs. Then join the four legs at the two ends of the supports for the barrel, and these to the barrel. To do this, a simple drill and a few screws will suffice. To make this stand more stable, also use simple wooden planks to connect the legs two by two.

Finish the barbecue

The used barrel will most likely be rusty, especially if it has not been used for a long time. If there is a lot of rust, it is not worth trying to remove it: one pass with smoothing sandpaper will be more than enough. If, on the other hand, there are only a few rusty areas, you can try removing the rust with a slightly coarser grit. If you don’t know how to choose sandpaper, ask at the hardware store. Once the barrel has been sanded, apply a layer of anti-rust and possibly, if you wish, with another paint, possibly fireproof. On the portion that will make up the lid, it is advisable to screw a handle, ideally in wood. At this point the barbecue is beautiful and personalized, all that remains is to make it functional.

Building an iron barbecue: Finishing the iron barbecue

To complete the iron barbecue, you need to join the lid with the fulcrums, but the most important part is still missing: the grill. For the lid you need two pins, to be inserted with a drill and screws, and possibly equipped with a lock to prevent the lid from opening completely. For the grill, on the other hand, it is necessary to insert supports by drilling the barrel in four points: these are small metal bars, very easy to find in hardware, and to be fixed to the barrel with four simple bolts. If you have other items that are suitable for this purpose, go wild! In addition to creating these four supports for the grill, you must also create four more, just below, for the surface on which to place the charcoal. In this process the only difficulty, if you can call it that,

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