Building brick barbecue

Where to build brick barbecues

Starting from the idea of ​​building brick barbecues will not be enough if we have not identified the place to place it first. Surely it must be built in a place not too far from the house, not too windy and far from dry branches and flammable materials. If we have the possibility, the ideal is to place it near the entrance to the kitchen. A good idea would be to create, near the barbecue, a space where you can store bags of charcoal, wood and the tools we will need to use it. In addition to being a functional accessory, we can make it very beautiful by designing it with the inclusion of stone or granite. We will be able to give free rein to our imagination by adding to the walls,

As always, you will have to start putting a plan on paper to understand how we will make your barbecue. The use you will make of it will be fundamental to decide its size: if you usually host many people, the dimensions must be large; if instead the use will be occasional, it will be enough to realize it with smaller dimensions. If you are going to build it on an already existing base, it will be enough to evaluate its stability. Otherwise, you will have to dig and create the screed that will house your barbecue with a pour of cement mortar. Before making the casting, the hole will be filled with stones or filler material, in order to create a stable foundation. The dimensions of the foundations must also include any masonry accessories,

Materials for building the barbecue

How to build a brick barbecue? Let’s start with the materials. You will need to get refractory cement mortar, refractory bricks, concrete blocks, a stone slab for the top, a straight wooden plank, an iron grill, a metal drawer for collecting the ashes. As an alternative to the stone slab that will serve as a top for your barbecue, you can get some tiles that you will insert using the special glue for outdoor use, suitable for flooring. Instead of the iron drawer, you can use an old square pan which, even if less beautiful to look at, will do the same function. You will need some tools to use when building your barbecue. You will get a trowel, a level, a shovel to mix the concrete, a mason’s bucket and lots of good will.

Given all the preliminary operations for how to build brick barbecues, let’s move on to its realization. When the foundation on which the barbecue will be built is perfectly dry, you can proceed with the installation of the other elements. First you will raise the two side shoulders that you will connect to each other through a low wall, placing it on three quarters of the length of the shoulders. The rear compartment, the smaller one, can be used as a wood container. The front one will be the real seat of the barbecue. Before positioning the grid, by means of the wall plugs, you will fix the guides of the compartment that will house the ash drawer. Just above the drawer, you will attach a perforated metal plate, which will be the housing of the fire. Further above about twenty centimeters, prepare at least three hooks, spaced about ten centimeters high from each other, which will form the support for the grill for cooking food. These three positions will be used to move the cooking grid as needed.

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