Building wooden shed

Wooden shed

One of the ugliest things about rain is when the carpet gets annoyingly wet at the entrance to the house. Furthermore, with the wind there is a risk that the light bulb attached in front of the door will fly or break. To avoid all these problems it is sufficient to build a wooden canopy in front of the door. A wooden canopy can also be handy on a balcony or to cover a car; or to limit the sun in summer. Building it is not at all difficult and not expensive either. So with little expense, a little patience, a weekend of work we could have the wooden shed ready. A wooden shed adapts to any type of house, both the most modern ones and those a little old. Let’s go and see the steps and the material needed to build a wooden shed.

Build a wooden canopy

The material of the canopy should be the same as the material of the wall / roof on which it rests. It can be covered with roof tiles, pantiles or candesi tiles. The slope of the canopy must also refer to the wall so as not to have unevenness. The canopies attached to the wall do not require large works or large materials because, in fact, the structure is anchored. Let’s go and see the material we will need: meter, sheet of paper, floor anchors, chalk, drill, screws, support posts, joists, bolts, sheet and nails. First of all it is necessary to make a drawing on a sheet of paper of the project that we have in mind, reporting, precisely, all the measures both in height and in width. Also note whether the canopy will rest on one or two walls of the house.

Wooden shed construction (phases)

Once the design of the wooden shed is ready, you can move on to the actual construction. If the surface on which your canopy will rest is stable and straight, it will be time to bring all measurements back to the floor. If the floor is made of tiles, you can help yourself with plaster, which is easy to clean up once the job is done. If, on the other hand, the surface is earth you can help yourself with twine and nails. At this stage you will need to mark exactly where you will place the support posts. The lines must be perfectly straight and the angles must be 90 degrees. Now take four floor anchors. The purchase of square-shaped anchors is recommended; of course they will have to correspond to the support posts. These anchors will be fixed to the base.

Building DIY wooden shed

If you drew the lines precisely and straight in the previous step, you will not find it difficult in this step. Place the anchors on the four sides; on each one make a hole with a drill and fix everything with screws. Place two poles near the house wall and secure them with a beam. To carry out this phase, make a hole that passes from the posts up to the beam. Secure them with bolts. Then position the other poles one by one, repeating the fixing phase. At this point you will have finished the external structure of the wooden shed. At this we will deal with the roof. Place the previously purchased joists on top and secure them with beams. Long nails will suffice. Finally cover with a plate fixing it with screws. Building DIY wooden shed is not difficult.

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