Camphor tree

The appearance and beauty of the camphor tree

The beauty of the camphor tree is in its being green and playful throughout the year. It stands on a mighty stem that can reach thirty-five meters in height covered by a brown bark, furrowed by deep cracks. Its branches are covered with a rounded and elongated crown, as well as being dense and branched. This is composed of leathery leaves whose peculiarity is in their color: a particularly shiny green that shines the sun even in the middle of winter.These leaves, when they sprout, are of a beautiful bright red color. Their shape is oval and slightly pointed. Their beauty is further enhanced by the presence of light green veins that run along the leaves along their entire length. In spring it is adorned with creamy white flowers.

What does the camphor tree need to live

The camphor tree is one of the broad-leaved plants that, being rustic, can survive temperatures below ten degrees below zero, without causing excessive trauma.It is possible that, if there are late frosts, these will ruin the spring floral buds To avoid this inconvenience, it is advisable to plant the tree in a sunny place, so that the plant receives the light and heat it needs. At the same time, you will be able to enjoy beautiful beautiful light effect that will create the sun, shining between its leaves.The camphor tree does not need special care because it is resistant even to great periods of drought. In any case, for it to enjoy excellent health it is good to water it regularly, especially if it has been planted recently.

In order for the camphor tree to always enjoy good health and make the best of its possibilities, it is important that a suitable place is chosen for its planting. In addition to needing light, this plant needs a lot of space to grow at its best. It is important that you proceed with the purchase and grafting of one of these specimens only if you are lucky enough to have a guard that is large enough. Conditions other than these would cause great inconvenience not only for the tree in question but also for the other plants present in the garden. The most suitable soil for growth is fresh, very well drained and loose if possible it is advisable to plant it in soils that are slightly acidic.

Camphor tree: Peculiarities, curiosities and characteristics of the camphor tree

When you proceed with the planting of a camphor tree, it is good to carefully fertilize the soil in which it will be placed.The best way to ensure that the plant receives the nourishment it needs to better face the grafting phase is to add, to the earth, some organic fertilizer that is well mature and a good quantity of sand or pumice of medium grain size.This is a tree whose multiplication occurs mainly by seeds that are produced in very large quantities. These, falling, give life to numerous small specimens of camphor tree in the area where the mother plant was placed. The proliferation is such that, in some areas, it is considered a weed. If desired, it can be multiplied by cuttings.

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