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Functionality in the garden

The home garden is a particular place where many people like to stop after work, to relax and reconcile with a piece of nature after having been in contact with cell phones, computers, asphalt, subways and many other things like that all day. ; the fact is that all these modern discoveries are phenomenal inventions, but connected to daily work they are making it excessively stressful. Nature, on the other hand, is relaxing by definition; there is no need for the enchanted garden with a stream, flying butterflies and singing birds to relax: the peace of a rocking chair and a table, close to the plant that we are taking care of so much is such a simple scene but so capable of giving us tranquility , also recovering the accumulated stress. But how can we really make our garden so relaxing? First of all, there is not aesthetics, and not even plants, but functionality. Yes, because it is true that the garden is the place where we plant the plant we like to see it grow, or it is the place where we play with the children, or where we can relax in the open air after dinner, but if all this is accompanied by thoughts due to maintenance, or is not accompanied by some material utility, well then we do not know how long this master-garden «falling in love» will last.

Practical utilities

So how can a garden be practical and functional? It is obvious that this depends on how we manage it, we organize it; not only that, apart from this, functionality is a matter of possibility, so much of what we can get from the garden also depends on its size, on the arrangement it has with respect to neighboring buildings, the house itself and also with respect to the sun and other elements atmospheric. All these variables are suggested by the fact that it itself can have so many functions, and now we will see the most important ones. A well-conceived garden can be ideal for setting up a solarium: in this case it is important to see the layout of the house or other nearby buildings so that they do not obscure the sun itself. A swimming pool could be built in the garden: also in this case it is important to see the sun, but above all the ground must be suitable, flat and also adequately spacious. In the garden there can be a vegetable garden: in this case, in addition to space and equipment (such as the water connection), you should have good soil for cultivation, also making sure that you are not too close to the drains of the sewers of neighbors, to avoid pollution. The garden, if adequate and spacious, could be used as a car park, but a canopy is required. also making sure you are not too close to neighbors’ sewage drains, to avoid pollution. The garden, if adequate and spacious, could be used as a car park, but a canopy is required. also making sure you are not too close to neighbors’ sewage drains, to avoid pollution. The garden, if adequate and spacious, could be used as a car park, but a canopy is required.

Garden sheds

In the garden, if we have the possibility both in terms of space and available funds, the presence of a canopy is often very useful; far from us and we also hope from your minds the idea of ​​an old-fashioned canopy, the modern solutions for this garden furniture object are able to satisfy even the eye, an increasingly important aspect today. In fact, if before the canopy was a series of wooden boards of sheets that rested on a structure made up of four pillars at the corners and a couple of support beams, today the canopy has evolved and is totally different from the past generation. First of all, new materials and new construction techniques have been studied which have made it possible to obtain more daring designs and support solutions, so as to be able to combine constructive flexibility and a previously unthinkable design. Today, for example, the canopies with single-sided supports, of the “cantilever” type, are very comfortable; they are very easy to build and install, also guaranteeing a certain freedom of space and maneuver (especially important when it comes to car shelters) due to the absence of only two of the four supports.

Canopy Covers: Canopy Covers

The evolution of technique and technologies has not allowed to modify the design and the basic structure of a canopy, but also many of its functions. If before the wooden planks and the sheets guaranteed a cover from the rain that was not always perfect, a zero insulation from heat and cold, the passage of all the humidity, today this is no longer the case; in fact, modern canopies use new materials for the structural part, but use other types of innovative materials for the roofs: the possible solutions are endless, and with incredible functionality. Suffice it to say that it is not at all rare to be able to admire a car roof that provides a system of solar panels on the roof that generate energy for the house; this is a perfect example of the integration of functionality, design and environmental support. Or,

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