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Home decor

On the subject of the importance of the home for a citizen, a very large number of surveys, researches and studies at all levels have been carried out; the result was that for Italians the house is the most important asset both for those who own it and for those who do not, and this means that it is also the most desired good, the thing for which the greatest especially work sacrifices, since it usually requires a huge expense. From this it follows that anyone who has a house tries to take care of it as much as possible, and this means both that maintenance is carried out to make it always efficient and livable, and that it looks after it aesthetically so as to also give it a dignified appearance and corresponding to the his tastes. In this last topic we want to “slip in” today, that is, in the furnishing of the house: this activity is taking an ever greater share in society, both because it is society itself that requires more and more aesthetics in things, and for the aforementioned reasons of the importance of the home for people. And it is therefore evident the birth of more and more shops, companies, professionals who juggle their entire work on home furnishing, whether it is designing and producing furniture pieces, whether it is selling them to the public or whether it is design the internal and external aesthetic part of the house itself.

Functional elegance

As we have already said before, today’s society places an increasingly heavy emphasis on aesthetics, whether it is a house or a mobile phone, or any other object, if only it affects people too, some of which they go to great lengths to raise their social rank only through aesthetics. As far as a house is concerned, however, aesthetics must not be everything, even if it is important, because in a house one must not be pleased with how beautiful it is but must live in it; living in a house means that we must be at ease in it, that is, we must consider it comfortable and suited to our needs. With this definition we do not mean any luxury home, but a functional home, which combines needs and usefulness with good taste aesthetics.

The canopy

The canopy is a very important piece of furniture for the home, both for its function and for its aesthetics; the latter comes from the consideration that the canopy element is always exposed to the outside, whether it is in the garden, on the terrace, or on a balcony. From this we deduce that its aesthetic component must never be neglected, if you do not want to seem careless, which can also be right because they are personal tastes and choices. It is for this reason that the canopies that our grandparents could have are very different from those we can have now: we moved with a certain decision from four iron pillars to support a roof of metal sheets or at most of wood, to the canopies in finished and tough materials, to withstand even large structures, but always with an elegance and finesse adaptable to many apparatuses. Among the various functions of a canopy there are the classic ones, that is to repair something that needs not to be exposed to atmospheric agents, such as rain but also direct sun. And so the major applications are for the shelter of cars, machinery or objects such as bags of earth, seeds, tires or anything we can have at home.

Canopies for balconies

One of the new uses for modern canopies is that of partial or total coverage of balconies and terraces; we say the word “new” because the canopy was created with no other purpose than to create a sheltered space for some tools or at most for the car in the garden. Instead now, thanks to new materials and advanced techniques, it is possible to have a lighter and at the same time resistant product, so that it can be safe to place it on a balcony or in any case in the house itself practically. To this we must also integrate the progress in style, which also allow useful things to be beautiful, an aspect that should not be taken for granted because until very recently this was not the case. The fact is that today therefore the canopies for balconiesthey are far from rare, indeed they are widely used on large balconies to create a certain shelter especially for chairs with a table where you can relax with friends or have a snack. Then it is obvious that we can always leave the broom and the dustpan there, so that they do not get dirty inside the house and that they are not forced to the elements that would make them unusable. The new materials that are now used for the canopies are steel, reinforced wood (with a superfine aesthetic and much appreciated, since it is the most used), aluminum and glass, even if the latter is used only for roofing or the like as it cannot have a load-bearing function.

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