Carbonella per barbecue

How to light barbecue charcoal.

Lighting the charcoal is an extremely simple operation. First of all, it is necessary to place a layer of it inside the barbecue, then we can proceed by pouring a specific liquid on the fire. Let a few minutes pass, so that the liquid is absorbed by the charcoal, then proceed to light the flame, using a match. If initially the charcoal tends to go out, we can feed the flame by giving it air by blowing on it, or by blowing with any object that can serve the purpose.When you plan to organize a barbecue, it is good to remember to light the charcoal well in advance: in fact it will take some time, so that it can heat up to the right point to be able to cook the food properly. The thin layer of ash that forms, on each piece of charcoal, it is the signal that the embers are ready for use. Before removing the coals from the barbecue, let’s make sure that the individual pieces are completely cold: even when these appear dull, they can keep the heat for a long time.

The different uses of charcoal.

In addition to being used in the classic way, to prepare tasty barbecues in the open air in the summer, the charcoal can also be used for succulent grills to be made in an alternative way. During the winter, when the climatic conditions are not entirely favorable, it is possible, for example, to organize an excellent barbecue using your own fireplace at home, for those who naturally have it. Just put the charcoal in the fireplace instead of the usual wood, and light it as usual. Once the embers have formed, we can place the grill directly over the coals, and proceed to cooking the food.When the weather conditions allow it, it is possible to create a barbecue on the beach, as long as this does not conflict with the regulations. of the specific place.

How to extinguish and store coals.

The pieces of barbecue charcoal, not completely burned, can be reused for subsequent grilling.Once you have finished cooking the food on the grill, it is good to let the coals go out on their own. Let’s not pour water over them, rather let’s spread them out, trying to space them as much as possible. Only after the coals have definitively extinguished, and above all, when they have cooled completely, can we proceed to remove the ash inside the barbecue and recover the pieces that have remained intact. The recovered pieces can be placed in a container and set aside. , in order to keep them for later use.Even if you are dealing with small fires, we never leave the charcoal lit unattended, not even in the cooling phase: in case of wind,

Charcoal for barbecues: Purchase, cleaning and storage.

Charcoal for barbecues is available on the market in bags of different sizes. If the intention is to organize frequent barbecues, it can be worthwhile to buy a large bag. Unused coals keep very well if left in a dry place. Always remember not to take the charcoal from the bag directly with your hands, but use gloves, so as not to get dirty. Cleaning the barbecue is very simple to perform and does not require special attention. Once the coals have cooled completely, we can remove them from the inside and clean the barbecue using a broom that we will use only for this purpose. We avoid using wet rags as this could lead to the formation of rust. The grill, on the other hand, it can be removed and washed thoroughly with water. Finally, remember not to leave the barbecue outdoors during the winter period, or in any case for long periods of inactivity, to prevent atmospheric agents from ruining it.

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