Carnivorous plants online

Indoor plants

Plants and flowers have always had a great influence on human beings, especially in the sense of being able to transmit serenity to them; in fact they are not only used to make gifts, but are also bought because they are liked, and this usually gives us a sense of satisfaction and tranquility whenever we see them. This is why plants are widely used as apartment furnishings; obviously there are species that are more suitable for this purpose: furnishing plants are usually those elegant and easy to maintain species that adapt well to the indoor climate (or that cannot survive the outdoor one, that’s the same). But whoever thinks that these are the only ones makes a mistake, and carnivorous plants are an example: oh my God, it is true that they are part of the previous description, but they also have other characteristics.

Carnivorous plants

Carnivorous plants are particular plants that stand out for obtaining nutrients through a real process of «digestion» similar to that of humans, which also includes in the initial phase a sort of swallowing of food, which very often is prey. These plants have adapted over the ages not to take substances from the soil through roots, either because there were few of them or because there was an abundance of other types of food. Carnivorous plants usually «feed» on insects, attracted thanks to the colors and scents of their flowers, capable of trapping the insect once approached and slowly digesting the useful parts to obtain what is useful for survival. The most famous are the dionee, with a snap movement that closes the «mouth» when pressed.

Carnivorous plants online

Carnivorous plants have a great relationship with the internet, since the videos of many of their «catches» are visible and appreciated by scientists but also by people curious about the subject. Not only that, on the net you can also find tips and tricks to treat your carnivorous plant well, since they are not native to our latitudes and often have special needs. But carnivorous plants are also online to be bought: unlike exotic animals, which are illegal to buy, carnivorous plants (which are exotic, and God forbid if this were not the case) can be found above all on the net, where there is there is a wide choice and above all where there is the convenience of the home transport service to avoid going around shops and shops, since they are not so common even to see in the shops.

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