Chamomile infusion

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Modern society has gone through a very long period (about a century long) in which it has tried at all costs to get away from nature and its mechanisms, studying every way to artificially produce things that actually already existed in nature. It is not clear why this copying operation, which generated losses and few profits, involved the waste of ideas and energy, time and money that could be exploited in another way, for the simple purpose of feeling “like” the nature, create, do not use. We did not realize that this can never be, we will never be able to put ourselves on a par with nature, as even in our industrial processes in which we believe we are creating from nothing, the raw materials are still natural, so as usual we are dealing with modifications. , not creations.

Herbal infusions

Taking up what was mentioned at the end of the first paragraph, we must consider how a time not so distant (from the first civilizations up to about a hundred years ago or a little more) the only existing medicine was that made of infusions, concoctions, natural solutions that doctors / magicians / alchemists proposed by experimenting from time to time and learning from the millennial tradition of these techniques. In fact, there were no laboratories, microscopes, molecular research and perhaps modern chemistry had not even been conceived (at least not applied to medicines), so the only treatment solutions with external substances were those just mentioned. Mainly it was herbal infusions, or of compounds made from heated water in which they were placed to unload pieces of plants so that the nourishing and healing substances could be transferred more or less quickly from the plant to the solution. Generally, dry parts of fairly widespread plants were used, and it depended a lot from plant to plant which part it was: you could use the flower, or the leaf or even the root, it was all part of an experimental process that went on for centuries and of which we they exploited the knowledge handed down mostly orally to the narrow niche of operators in the sector, seen almost as gurus.

Chamomile infusion

Many of those curative concoctions created especially in the Middle Ages to cure the ailments of kings, princes, queens and bridesmaids have been lost both for their relative usefulness and because so many years have passed and once the safest part where to keep a memory was a piece of paper, with very very low wear resistance as you can imagine. One, however, has come to our days and is very common due to real healing and beneficial properties for our body: the chamomile infusion. This simple plant has a shrubby and spontaneous character, it spreads in temperate climates and is very recognizable because its flowers are very similar to white daisies with the central part (in yellow) more developed and evident. Just the chamomile flowers, dried and lightly macerated, they are the basic ingredient for a frequently used herbal tea still today. In reality, recently the most commercialized form is the filter, made of dried and chopped parts, very convenient to quickly prepare the herbal tea by immersing it for a few minutes in hot water; in herbal medicine, however, you can find fresh or drying chamomile flowers, and you can try making this herbal tea yourself.


Speaking of chamomile tea, all of us have gone through that period of nervousness or that day of stomach ache in which some sage told us “but have a chamomile!”. There and then, a little for our symptoms and a little for the tone in which this sentence is said, we happen to take this advice badly. In reality it is very precious, because chamomile is a sedative with a very powerful action but without any side effect typical of drugs with the same action. Through a combination of substances it contains, it is able to act on the muscles and nerves of the whole body, eliminating tension and contributing to general relaxation. In fact, few people know that stomach pains are often caused by excessive tension in the abdominal muscles, clearly caused by a discomfort of the digestive system or by other systems present in our abdomen. Not only that, this general relaxation clearly also helps sleep, especially in those cases where it is deprived of worries, thoughts and other stressful situations common today both for study and work, but not only. It is worth trying, even as a daily herbal tea to counter the cold of winter evenings.

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