Charcoal barbecue

Which charcoal barbecue to choose?

The subject is complex because the world of charcoal barbecues is complex and varied. Today we are talking about the favorite of the American type and that, even in Italy, is going great, the charcoal barbecue. But which one to choose? In first place for quality, guarantee, ease of transport, originality and design, the Weber barbecue undoubtedly wins. Weber is one of the most famous American producers when it comes to the charcoal grill. If you have space problems and love to organize garden parties, we recommend you buy the Weber Smokey Joe Barbecue at a moderate price: portable, excellent materials, grill about 40 centimeters wide. Obviously you can choose it in the color you prefer. Its European competitor is the German brand “Tepro”. In detail we present the Tepro Crystal: a charcoal barbecue on feet that does not exceed two and a half kilos. Compared to the weber Smokey Joe its price range is lower. When choosing a portable barbecue you must consider: the width of the plate, the portability and also the heaviness of the same. In anyone’s garden they will make a good impression.

Fixed barbecues decorate your garden

They call them the garden ferrari. We always talk about the fantastic charcoal barbecues signed by Weber. Obviously, compared to portable ones, they have a higher price. One of the best on the market for quality and price is the One Touch Premium weber barbecue. Here are some details of this garden hour machine: One-Touch cleaning system; articulated cooking grill in triple thickness nickel-plated steel; aluminum ventilation valves; cooking surface ø 47 cm; enamelled steel brazier. It also comes with a lid with a thermometer and wheels. The Tepro brand also offers the Tepro 1032 “El Monte”; Dome barbecue with side shelves and lid. Here, too, the price range is lower than the historic American brand. In Italy it has a good sales margin and does not exceed fifteen kilos in weight. In the garden it can be moved from one place to another thanks to the wheels below and cooking is optimal thanks to the help of the dome.

Strengths and weaknesses of charcoal barbecues

Cooking with a charcoal barbecue isn’t for everyone. Either you love it, or you hate it. The advantages are the low costs due to the availability of charcoal and the low costs for the classic charcoal grill. Not to be underestimated is the convenience of transport and easy cleaning; Once the coal has cooled, it can be recycled and eliminated in a few minutes. There are also disadvantages, the reasons why you might hate this kitchen machine. The first is the dirt given by the charcoal, the waves of smoke, and the cleaning of the grill where you will place your products to cook. In both cases you will still have to have an innate patience: if you do not have special charcoal, making charcoal to cook your food will take you longer than expected. Perhaps only then will you regret not having bought an electric or gas barbecue.

Charcoal barbecue: Charcoal barbecue lovers: an association is born for you

The World Barbecue Association (WBQA) is an association that brings together enthusiasts from all over the world. Its greatest expression and representation is on the European continent. For some years it has also been present in Italy (WBQA Italy) and aims to unite all local groups of barbecue enthusiasts without any foreclosure or preference for cooking techniques or devices used. Obviously, among the techniques you cannot miss that of the charcoal barbecue. The association is also present on one of the most followed social networks in Italy, Facebook: WBQA World Barbecue Association Italy. If you are a true enthusiast, or if you are about to decide to become one, do not be afraid; on the platform and in the social networks of reference it is possible to obtain information, as well as useful tips, also on any barbecue competitions and championships. If you already have your own super passionate barbecue team and have been organizing meetings for some time, you just have to register on the official page indicated above. If once the barbecue professors all came from the United States of America, today Italy is also gearing up.

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