Charcoal barbecue

What is charcoal?

Charcoal, also known as charcoal, is a fuel derived from the transformation of wood. The wood working process takes place through a few steps. The first is that of cutting the wood and subsequent drying. The transformation of wood into charcoal takes place through carbonization in brick kilns or steel kilns. The use of brick kilns allows easier recovery of the tars. The metal oven can be more manageable and transportable. In any case, the production of vegetable carbon takes place through combustion with little oxygen. This allows the wood to be burned without causing a very large flame which could result in nothing but ash.

How does a charcoal barbecue work?

The charcoal produced in this way at an industrial level is traded in bags that usually contain 5 kg of material. This makes it practical to carry and also to keep away from water and humidity. The charcoal barbecue can be built in both steel and refractory bricks. The difference with a gas or other type of barbecue is that it has a base on which a certain amount of charcoal is placed to start combustion. The grill is left to heat up above it and in a few minutes it will have reached the ideal cooking temperature. Coal burns slowly and steadily; once its process is finished it is reduced to ash which can be easily disposed of in a special drawer (if the barbecue has it).

Different types of charcoal barbecues

We have already mentioned that we can choose between different types of charcoal barbecues. Mainly we can discriminate between a mobile barbecue, usually built on a cart and composed of steel parts and some wood finishes; and fixed barbecues, built in masonry according to the available spaces and the tastes of each. Both use charcoal to feed the heat needed to cook food on the grill. Mobile barbecues can also come in handy if you decide to have a barbecue away from home. A brick construction is clearly less flexible from this point of view but can offer greater comfort: anyone can design their own barbecue and then build it in their own garden. The refractory brick construction will give a very pleasant rustic look.

Charcoal barbecue: What are the advantages of using vegetable cabone?

The choice of barbecue is something that often puts fans of the sector in difficulty. The choice is very wide, as is the philosophical discussion unleashed behind a grid. There are avid wood enthusiasts, those who would never abandon their electric grill, etc … The choice of charcoal barbecue can reserve some relevant advantages for reaching a decision. The first point in favor of charcoal lies in its practicality of storage, transport and above all in its availability in any supermarket. At the same time, while requiring a minimum of patience for the initial lighting, the grill that is positioned on the charcoal can be covered and protected from the wind since very high flames are not generated.

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