Cherries – the most famous varieties

The wild: Amarena

One of the most popular varieties is Amarena, the fruit of the wild cherry, which stands out for its intense red color and sour taste. The ripening can vary because there are more varieties: there are early and late, light and dark. Indicatively they can be found from June until the end of July. Sour cherries are rich in important substances for our body and have many properties. In particular, they are rich in anthocyanins, the substances responsible for the beautiful red color, or antioxidants that slow down cellular aging. The greatest concentration of these substances is found in darker colored fruits. Consuming black cherries in spring, therefore, is very beneficial for our body. However, you can also freeze the fruit to consume it during the winter and enjoy its benefits whenever you want. They are also rich in vitamin B17 and mineral salts, as well as being low-calorie: only 50 calories per 100 grams! Source:

Black Durone of Vignola, Durone dell’Anella and Durone della Marca

Durone nero di Vignola is the variety commonly bought and consumed at the table and is therefore the most famous. It is large, sweet and fleshy, has an intense red color, tending to black, and is available from June. This variety is widespread mainly in Emilia Romagna and even the tree itself is of considerable interest since, in addition to producing these fruits of excellent quality, it is a plant with a particular flowering for the quantity and variety of flowers. The Durone dell’Anella type, also called Anellone, is very sweet, with a bright red color and ripens from the end of June. It is a later variety, widespread in the Modena and Bolognese areas. The Durone della Marca variety, on the other hand, stands out for its red-orange color, it is excellent for jams and preserves thanks to its firm and not very juicy pulp. This also ripens from the end of June and comes from the Marche region. Source:

The Nordic: Bell’Italia and Mora di Cazzano

Bell’Italia, typical of Trentino Alto Adige, is small, sweet, has a tender and red pulp and ripens from the end of May. It is a very ancient variety whose tree bears even the low temperatures typical of the place where it originates, it is also ideal for high altitude crops. Its fruits are mainly appreciated for the high content of antioxidants, higher than all the other existing varieties. The Mora di Cazzano variety, also called Durone di Verona, typical of the Veronese province, is bright red in color and ripens in June. The pulp is crunchy and very juicy and has the right balance of sweetness and acidity. Its excellent characteristics make it appreciated even in the most demanding foreign markets thanks to its good durability during travel: its resistance to manipulation, to conservation and transport, have made it the most exported variety from Veronese. Source:

Cherries: the most famous varieties: Foreign: Vesseux and Badacsony

The Vesseux variety is of French origin, with a dark red color and wrinkled skin. Its pulp is pink, firm, but not very adherent to the stone and is normally harvested within the first week of June. While the Badacsony variety has Hungarian origin, with an elongated shape and a dark red skin. It has a red pulp, very firm and tasty. It is mainly intended for fresh consumption, but also used as an ingredient in traditional products or in industrial processing. The ripening is intermediate and the harvest is done manually in the second week of June. These cherry varieties contain good amounts of fiber, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins A and C. They have a diuretic and anti-uric action. They are indicated, like almost all varieties, in case of arthritis, arteriosclerosis, kidney disorders and gout. Children should be given with caution, possibly over two years of age, as they can cause digestive problems. Source:

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