Cherry blossoms

Japanese cherry blossom: Origin and the Hanami

Prior to the year 1000, the cherry blossom was a unique protagonist in an event called «Hanami», this festival celebrates the observation of flowers even if it implies only cherry blossoms. Hanami is a very important occasion for the Japanese since this anniversary encompasses all the meaning that this flower has in their culture, transmitting a profound idea of ​​rebirth and auspiciousness linked to the cherry blossom and, in the month of April, when students finish high school and enter the university world. This flower also represents transience as it blooms quickly enough and then falls just as quickly and this pushes the Japanese to a careful reflection on the fleeting value of life.

The Meaning of the Cherry Blossom in the War

The warrior tradition of Japan is very ancient and has its roots in the myth of the samurai.The cherry tree, seen in its perfection, in its tenacity cannot fail to be linked to the nature of the warrior who must demonstrate profound moral characteristics such as honor, a strong loyalty and being as pure as the cherry blossom is; not only that, he must be courageous and honest, strive for the perfection of the petals of the flower to which he must aspire in the darkest moments of his life. more recently, more precisely in the Second World War when pilots on a wing of their plane used to paint a cherry blossom that manifested their extreme sacrifice as a sign of moral greatness.

The Meaning of the Japanese Cherry Blossom in Religion

Different varieties of the cherry blossom can be found in Japan but the most common is the one that has five petals, although there may be flowers with more petals.But the flower with five petals has aroused much interest in various oriental religions and philosophies. such as in Buddhism where it represents the division of the various cardinal points and at the center of them five vital spaces would form. From the five cardinal points one of the most sacred reliefs for Japan would be born, the Oyamatsumi, but always five are like the elements that would constitute all things in the world (water, fire, earth, air and void). The link between myth and spirituality is very strong and is represented by the petals of this flower;although this perfection seems to concentrate the philosophy and history of this population in itself, it is not their official flower.

Cherry blossoms: The Japanese cherry blossom and its cultivation

Cherry blossoms do not have particular difficulties in growing, since they can grow in any type of Terento, be it dry or acid as long as there is a good drainage of the water; despite this, in fresh and acidic soils they develop and grow much better even with greater speed and with greater vigor.They must be placed in the sun, remember that the most suitable period for transplanting is at the end of winter / early spring, let’s also remember that cherry trees have very superficial roots and it would be good not to plant them in places with a lot of wind. Older cherry trees can withstand transplantation if only they are prepared well in advance (at least three years) and with the right clod.

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