Cherry trees

The identity card of the cherry tree

Cherry is a tree that belongs to the Rosaceae family. Cherry trees are sown in spring in the open ground or for short periods in very large pots and then placed in the ground. Spring is also the season with which the flowering or fruit harvesting period coincides. The favorable months for the cherry tree are those that go from May to August. The cherry tree is a tree that needs full light and ventilated spaces. As a tree, the cherry tree is a plant that adapts to different natures of soil and habitat. The most dangerous diseases for the cherry tree’s seal are a fungus called monilosis and cherry canker. In the first years of planting the cherry tree should be watered abundantly.

The characteristics of the cherry tree

Prunus cerasus: it is with this term that the Latins identified the cherry tree. From the north to the south of Italy, the cherry tree is widespread: there is, in fact, no region where there are no cherry trees. A tree that also grows wild especially in mountainous areas, but the fruits of wild cherries generally have an acrid taste. The flowering of the cherry tree takes place in spring and the flowers are white and have an intense aroma. Together with peach blossoms, cherry blossoms in collective memory represent the emblem of the arrival of spring. The cherry trees are widely available both in the Mediterranean countries than in the Middle East.

The cherry tree is a tree that grows over time and can even reach high heights of about thirty meters. A tree that can also grow spontaneously. Grow a cherry treeit requires a green thumb and a love of nature. If you decide to cultivate these shrubs, you must first prepare the soil. Land that must be abundant and that over the months must be watered and fertilized. Compost, manure, gravel, sand, are the most precious allies for those who want to turn their cherry tree into a luxuriant tree. Initially, to prevent the tree from growing crooked, a wooden pole of the same size must be placed next to the trunk. What in the jargon is called a tutor. Cherry trees due to the depth of the roots cannot stay in a vase for a long time. Therefore cultivation in pots is to be excluded.

Cherry trees: The cherry tree: from flower to fruit

Beautiful to gard, with a characteristic white color and heady scent, cherry blossoms can be picked to decorate the home, even if compared to other flowers they have a rather short life. The fruits of the cherry tree are the queens of the summer tables. Round, red, in pairs, cherries are a characteristic fruit that is beautiful to look at, but above all exquisite to taste. From adults to children no one holds back, in front of a plate of freshly picked cherries. The fruits are harvested only when they have reached ripeness. They are often collected with their hands by placing a ladder on the trunk of the tree. The expert farmers to avoid that during the ripening phase the birds can eat the cherries directly from the cherry trees are used to tie brightly colored paper or aluminum foil to the branches. From desserts to jams to ice creams, cherries find ample space in the menus of gourmets and gourmands.

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