Citrus diseases

Diseases of citrus fruits. Asphyxiation

It is one of the first diseases that can affect the tree, precisely because it attacks the base, or the roots. Root asphyxiation occurs due to an excess of soil moisture that does not allow proper ventilation. This happens in poorly permeable soils (where there is a stagnation of water), in those subjected to a winter of long rains, or due to flooding, or even in the case of too abundant and frequent irrigation. Drainage is the first remedy that can save the tree and, in any case, it is useful to know a priori that a too deep planting of the tree is already in itself a predisposing cause of root aphixia. Ultimately, it is a rather serious disease that if not treated in time leads to a slow decay of the tree.

Diseases of citrus fruits. Rot

Root rot is also one of the diseases of citrus fruits caused by an excess of soil moisture and consists of the mycelium of fungi that progressively introduces itself into the roots between bark and wood until it blocks the flow of sap, ultimately causing the death of the tree . The disease spreads from tree to tree and is easily recognized by the white filaments of the fungi. Since, as already mentioned, it is mainly caused by humidity, the first remedy to be adopted is to carry out a consistent drainage. Rot is among the diseases of citrus fruits that can affect fruits as well as roots, but in the latter case the triggering reason is not the humidity but the lesions present in the fruit and caused for example by insect bites.

Diseases of citrus fruits. Malsecco

It is one of those diseases of citrus fruits that are quite serious but this time it affects the branches and twigs, it is more or less slow (or even fulminant) progression and can be recognized by analyzing the affected branch which will present a young wood with a typical area of ​​color Orange. In Sicily in particular, malsecco has found a favorable environment for its diffusion among lemons, while orange and mandarin seem almost immune to it. It has been observed that the period of infections occurs between autumn and winter (October-February) and the effects of the infection appear after 3-6 months; in spring there are no infections of this type of citrus disease but only incubations. It is cured by cutting the affected branch up to the healthy part and burning it away.

Citrus diseases: Citrus diseases. Mealybugs

Mealybugs are one of the most dangerous citrus fruit diseases as they are animal parasites capable of prodigious reproduction. They are quite fixed insects and of different species, names and consequences on plants; most of them spread due to a humid and poorly ventilated environment with trees too close to each other. In winter, however, with the cold climate, they stop almost completely as they hibernate. The methods to combat them range from the multiplication and spread of natural enemies (predators of scale insects), to fumigations up to spraying with mineral oils. Mealybugs can attack both branches and fruits and are one of those citrus fruit diseases that can lead to a depreciation of the product.

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