Climbing grids

Wooden grills

The garden is a green space with a high decorative power, capable of creating a splendid setting that can enhance the entire home. Creating a flowery space according to a specific project means creating an area that is also welcoming to the eye and that can instill relaxation and joy in those who decide to take advantage of the space to spend the most pleasant hours of the day. What makes the difference and makes the garden a special place are the details in the furnishing and organization of the space. The wooden grills are a precious resource for lovers of green and flowery spaces, because they allow the vertical development of climbing vegetation, for an even greener and more luxuriant garden.

Iron grids

Garden grills can also be made of alternative materials to wood; full of charm is the iron, which allows to give life to finely decorated structures. The iron grills are particularly suited to gardens that already have wrought iron furnishings, to spaces with a classic taste where you want to add some further details for an elegant and romantic atmosphere. Iron grills offer the same advantages as wooden grills and the same resistance over time, although over the years they may be subject to rust. It is therefore better to carry out periodic checks and, if necessary, to intervene promptly with the removal of rust and the application of a new layer of protective paint, to avoid damage to the entire structure.

Climbing grids: Arched grids

Alongside the traditional grids that are placed on the ground, leaning against the walls for the growth of climbing plants even on the facade of the house and the grids combined with planters, many types of arched planters are available on the market: these are self-supporting structures that can be solidly welded to the ground and which, with the passage of time, can be completely covered by climbing plants. The result is a fascinating green or flowery arch, which will mark the entrance to specific parts of the garden or can decorate small paths and points of particular prominence in the available green space. Arched grilles are usually made of iron or wrought iron and can have a simply or decorated structure, for an even more suggestive effect.

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