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The herbs of nature

The human being has learned from the early stages of his powerful evolution that he could draw heavily from the extraordinary gifts of nature, the true Mother Creator of the world as we know it and therefore also of us all. Nothing we do would be possible if nature had not created the basic ingredients; in fact, we must remember that we have not created anything, because creating literally means making from nothing, while everything that is of human origin still has some basic ingredients from which to draw, and at most combine and modify the yield, but certainly not create . Among the many things we take from nature, practically everything, are those that help us keep our body in better shape and health. Very often this description corresponds to some part of some plants.

The extracts

Having established that many species of plants contain many substances explicitly indicated to improve the state and health of our body (who in general and who in specific components, maybe we will give some examples shortly), we now ask ourselves how they are done was to be able to actually take advantage of these substances and related properties. The speech is not simple because it depends a lot on the species of plant and the genus to which it belongs, but everything happens through the «extracts». The extracts are nothing more than the basic substances that we need from the plant, obviously eliminating all those parts that could not even be assimilated, such as the constituents and the regents of the plant structure, or even as parts of their roots very distant from us. Very often the extracts can be found in two forms, the liquid or gelatinous one and the powder one. The second is also called «dry extract» precisely in contrasting reference with the other type which is clearly closer to the liquid form. Dry extract is also the name of the section to which this article belongs, in which we will talk about one of the commercial forms of the dry extract and one of the main uses.

Hair compresses

The industry that has recently assumed the primary role of user of plant resources is that of cosmetics; despite sometimes trying to hide everything by invoking alleged diseases (such as the absurd case of some terrorist-based commercials that define cellulite as a disease to be treated with drugs, and nothing is more false than this), both hair care , that dry skin, wrinkles and so on, is all part of modern cosmetics, a real fashion that sometimes wants to get too close to the concept of immortality understood as not old age. Well, the problem of hair loss is among the most serious of modern times, also because it is due to dietary causes, or more likely to genetic causes and life stress, the age of baldness is increasingly decreasing and this for men, and to a lesser extent also for women, is becoming a non-negligible problem. Herbs can also help us in this, and many products use the extracts of some plants to help the hair not fall out in industrial quantities and permanently. Many solutions have the form of tablets, a commercial format that makes it particularly easy to implement the dry extract as well as the liquid or gelatinous one. Some substances indicated for this widespread symptomatology are brewer’s yeast and soy lecithin, often contained in specific supplements to be taken according to the indications of the pharmacist / doctor / herbalist who recommends them, also because it depends a lot on the dosage, single for each home. producer.

Hair Compresses: Hair Extracts

Baldness is perhaps the most serious and obvious of the hair-related problems, but it is certainly not the only one. As certainly many readers will know, another serious problem is the appearance of dandruff, an annoying disorder mainly because it is very unsightly and strongly undermines self-esteem and self-confidence. It can be linked to various causes, and in general to phenomena of both dry and oily hair. Dry hair is weak and not very bright, because it is dull, while oily hair is greasy and apparently dirty and poorly cared for even just after a complete shampoo. Herbal hair tablets can help a lot even in these situations, specifically when they contain extracts such as soy lecithin (also mentioned in the case of baldness) and silicon,

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