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Fat plants

Nowadays, more and more people decide to grow succulents. Succulents are native to arid, dry and very hot places, climatic conditions opposite to the climate of our areas. Our climate cannot absolutely be compared to equatorial climates and therefore, if you decide to grow these types of plants, you need to know that they must be protected and strengthened by administering fertilizers. Succulents need to be fertilized with specific fertilizers for their needs, based on their size and development. Fertilization is a practice as fundamental as it is delicate, if the fertilizer is not distributed well or concentrations of individual elements are formed, it can be a harmful operation.


The main elements that plants need to develop at their best are Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and Calcium. Nitrogen is the main element found in all plants and, in the areas of succulents, its presence is higher than that of other elements. By virtue of this, we must not abound too much with nitrogen because it risks weakening and damaging the plant. Phosphorus is an element that favors the ripening of fruits and seeds. Potassium takes care of the color of the bloom and ensures healthy growth of the plant. Calcium, on the other hand, is responsible for making the thorns of plants grow sufficiently. Too much of this element leads to yellowing of the various parts of the succulent plant.

Fertilize succulents: how and when to fertilize

As for the doses, on the market, fertilizers are sold with the various elements in them in different percentages. Each plant needs certain doses based on various particularities that characterize it. The best time to fertilize succulents is when the plants are in a vegetative state, i.e. from the period of late winter to early spring. Fertilizing correctly and with the right timing guarantees the plant a healthy and robust growth. During the winter period, it is advisable to never administer fertilizer because you risk incorrectly accelerating the growth times of the seedlings. Excessive or too rapid growth does not allow the plant to develop its various parts in a balanced way. It must also be said that a certain amount of fertilizer must also be administered at the time of repotting.

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