Corn fertilization

Manure and corn

Fertilizers are very important cultural practices for the growth and development of plants. Many of the land used for cultivation and many of the cultivated plants require fertilizer administration. The plant we are dealing with today is corn, one of the most cultivated cereals in the world which, like other plants, needs fertilizers. Corn comes from a herbaceous plant that is widespread in both tropical and temperate areas. It is a well known type of cereal, it produces yellow seeds that are used a lot in gluten-free diets. The seeds are enclosed in the cobs of the plant and are used boiled, for the preparation of salads and for the famous pop – corn. From the seeds are also extracted oils known for their intense yellow color tending to orange.

Fertilizers to use

The fertilizers that can be used for maize fertilizers are mineral fertilizers and organic fertilizers. Organic fertilizers are those fertilizers suitable at any stage of plant development, while mineral fertilizers are used only in the case of intensive cultivation. Fertilizers must be administered before sowing because the height of the plant prevents correct distribution. If you are dealing with small crops, growers or producers can easily fertilize plants without much effort. If, on the other hand, cultivation is on a large scale, fertilization must be carried out with the use of agricultural machinery. For small crops it is also possible to use mature manure which must be administered a few months before sowing.

Corn fertilization: What to know

If we administer mature manure to the soil used for corn crops, remember that it must be administered with a dose of about three kilos for each square meter of land. In this way you have plenty of time to ensure that the maturation process of the fertilizer and its absorption take place in the correct way. As regards, however, mineral or chemical fertilizers, the doses to be administered vary according to the type of soil used and the environmental climatic conditions. Fertilizers are fundamental for this cereal, the yield of corn depends on them both qualitatively and quantitatively speaking. Generally, this cereal needs a fertilization composed of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium with a lower potassium content than the other two elements.

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