Cost of refractory bricks

Main characteristics of refractory bricks

The refractory bricks are the main material for the construction of the masonry barbecue, thanks to their characteristics. Bricks are able to withstand very high temperatures (over 1,000 ° C), as well as distribute heat evenly. The material also tolerates sudden changes in temperature, without deformation, and the action of atmospheric agents, such as rain and sun. Above all, the part of the barbecue intended to act as a brazier cannot be made up of normal bricks because the heat generated by the fire would destroy them in a short time, while the refractories do not suffer cracks. The refractory bricks are excellent heat conductors and ensure fast and homogeneous cooking of food. They are made with a clay with a high content of silica and alumina.

Cost of refractory bricks and purchase

The cost of refractory bricks may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer, size, shape and type of mixture they are made of. Generally the price is quite low, around one euro per piece or a little more, although it is still higher than that of normal bricks. Refractory bricks can be found in building material warehouses, DIY centers, and flue products stores (i.e. fireplaces and stoves). Sometimes it is also possible to buy them in particularly well-stocked hardware stores. It is always advisable, however, to visit a good number of retailers until you find the one that offers the best value for money. When you buy these bricks you must also buy the special binder which is also made of refractory material.

Quantity of refractory bricks for the barbecue and color

The construction of a square meter of surface requires an average number of 20 refractory bricks, although it depends on the size and thickness. The total expense, therefore, will vary according to the size of the barbecue that you intend to build. If the cost of refractory bricks is considered too high, it is possible to opt for normal bricks for the load-bearing structure and use refractories only for those parts directly subject to high temperatures. These parts are the cooking compartment, the combustion compartment and the points on which the grill rests. The market offers different colors that you can choose according to your tastes, based on the rest of the garden furniture, and the price does not differ much from one manufacturer to another. Lath, wedge and also antiqued shapes are available.

The price of refractory bricks may be slightly different also based on the technical characteristics they possess. The cooking method and the constituent elements may in fact be different. The construction of a brick barbecue can be characterized by various types of power supply, which develop more or less high temperatures. Bricks with adequate thermal resistance should be chosen. The gas or charcoal barbecue requires bricks with maximum resistance to heat and thermal shock. The heating of this type of power supply is in fact more intense and faster than that of a wood-burning barbecue. The basic types of refractory brickthey are the red one, which tolerates temperatures up to 1,000 ° C, and the yellow one, which also bears 1,300 ° C. The binder to be used for the construction of the barbecue must contain a low percentage of iron oxide and high quantities of silicon and aluminum oxide.

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