Cost of wedding flower arrangements

What to budget: the bouquet, the church / hall, the reception

The cost of flower arrangements is often an unknown factor for those who venture into the organization of the wedding. First of all it is advisable to understand well what are the costs related to the flowers to be budgeted. Generally it is necessary to consider the bride’s bouquet, any decorations to be temporarily installed in the bride’s palace, the flowers in the church or in the room where the civil ceremony takes place, and finally the compositions present at the reception, in the restaurant room. wishes and expectations of future spouses are the starting point for the drafting of the estimate, but often it is also necessary to deal with the limitations imposed by the churches or by the locations where the wedding takes place. It happens, in fact, that the church imposes certain arrangements, such as carpet and covering of the pews,

Tips for low cost flower arrangements

Is it possible to save on floral decorations? Absolutely yes, just follow some small tricks. First of all it is good to take into consideration which are the typical flowers of the season in which the wedding takes place. Asking for decorations with an out of season flower can raise the price as the search becomes more complicated. For example, for a wedding that takes place in the winter months, it would be advisable to prefer flowers with bulbs, such as tulips. For a summer wedding, however, wild flowers and hydrangeas are recommended. To save further, it is advisable to minimize the compositions of the centerpieces, or choose a small and welcoming location so as not to have to apply many decorations. A type of flowering plant that is generally very economical and elegant,

The bride’s bouquet

Big unknown among the floral elements is the bride’s bouquet. Generally, its price starts from a minimum of $ 150.00 up to higher prices, depending on the flowers used for the composition. As for the rest of the decorations, if the flowers are simple and in season, the price will be low and vice versa. Generally, however, the most expensive flowers for a bouquet are peonies, cattleya orchids and lily of the valley. If you want to compose a small jewel to have in your hands on the most beautiful day of your life, you can enrich the bouquet with the flowers listed and why not, add crystals and special processes. simple bouquet of mist enriched by a few white roses, and the result will be equally impeccable.

Cost of wedding flower arrangements: Decorations for the reception and civil ceremony

While for the church there are limitations and problems relating to floral decorations, generally with the civil ceremony there are fewer difficulties and moreover it is possible to use fewer decorations. For example, we can place two compositions on the ceremony desk alone, so as not to decorate the entire room. As for the reception locations, however, there is almost always free space, as they are inclined and favorable to creative and elaborate ideas. they can be very interesting, starting from the centerpieces that cost around $ 40 per composition for a table for 8/10 people.If you decide for an imperial table about 10 meters long, it is also possible to install a single decoration that takes up the whole central part of the table.

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