Countertop washbasin

Garden sinks

The garden is the place to spend your free time, especially in the summer, dedicating yourself to the care of plants, the maintenance of flower beds and flowers. is the outdoor accessory that you certainly cannot miss. The choice of sinks for the garden is really very wide, starting from the cheapest ceramic products, of various shapes and sizes, on sale in bathroom furniture shops or in building materials showrooms, or moving on to grit or concrete sinks. , to be embedded in masonry structures, easily available directly from manufacturing companies, specialized in concrete processing, up to marble or stone products, customizable in size and with greater aesthetic impact.

Built-in sink

If you are thinking of building your countertop washbasin for outdoor use, the choice of the optimal one, as well as depending on your needs, is linked to the type of expense you want to face. when washing, we recommend concrete or grit products, with a sober appearance but very resistant and at an affordable price.On the other hand, opt for the marble or stone sink if you want to have an aesthetic impact of a certain importance and give prestige to your garden. Once you have chosen the space in which to place the structure, in a place that can be easily connected to the drain pipe and on a surface that can support its weight, build two side walls, spaced according to the width of the base on which to place the built-in sink that you have chosen.

Outdoor sink

Lava stone, reconstructed stone, marble, if you want to give a touch of prestige to your garden, with the countertop washbasin made in a single block, the aesthetic impact is guaranteed. water, the market offers a rich choice of products capable of adequately responding to every need.The countertop sinks and masonry structures for exteriors can be found in DIY stores and building showrooms, while if you wish to buy only the tub, contact the marble workers who also produce them on commission, worked more simply or finely decorated.Also the concrete and inert artifacts, mounted on masonry or metal structures, both simple to make,can be taken into consideration when choosing your outdoor washtub.

Counter top washbasin: Built-in sink

With the use of high-strength concrete, selected gravel and any steel reinforcement, the outdoor products thus obtained are of high quality, resistant over time and above all easy to maintain. Benches, tubs, street furniture and garden furniture, is in the realization of outdoor sinks that sees the use of concrete, one of the most successful applications of recent years. shape and created of the desired size, they are perfect for recessing in walls treated with waterproof, transparent and colored resin, as well as in structures in wood or metal, natural or painted.In addition to practicality, the choice of the countertop washbasin in concrete is the exemplary answer to the most modern design.

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