Create a small garden

Tips for creating a small garden

Before selecting suitable plants, it is good to evaluate many factors to allow them to grow correctly. First of all, the exposure: if the garden is positioned so that the sun irradiates the whole area for a good part of the day, it is advisable to choose plants that tolerate direct sunlight without being affected by it. Succulents are unaffected by direct sunlight, as are many bulbous flowers as well as small rustic shrubs or saplings. If, on the other hand, the area is semi-shaded, then different varieties of herbaceous and shrubs can be grown, as well as many types of climbers and tropical plants. Soil is another important factor to consider, as not all species tolerate compact and humid soils or, conversely, too dry and draining. Having noted these two factors, in the end, we will dwell on the actual size of the area, in order to carefully choose the plants to plant; in a few square meters it will not be possible to grow a willow or a maple, but certainly a privet sapling.

Small trees and succulents

Starting from the shrubs that are well suited to even narrow spaces, the privet certainly stands out. This evergreen plant native to Asia is widely used both for creating hedges and as garden trees or in urban areas. It adapts very well to almost all types of soil and, in the form of a tree, can reach up to 3 meters in height, with a thin trunk and a little extended root system. It is perfect in very sunny gardens, as it tolerates direct light well and many varieties resist well even in winter. Placed in the center of the garden it will represent a delicate decorative element, especially during flowering, and in addition it will give a shaded area at the base useful for other plants. For the lower parts of the garden, perhaps close to walls or fences, succulents are perfect;

Flowering and climbing plants

There are many flowering plants that require little space, and many adapt to both the shade and the sun, giving their flowers throughout the year. The buddleja, the fuchsia, the violets, the iris, the lily and the tulips are just some examples of easily manageable flowers that can be grown even in modest spaces, since these plants have a small shrub or bushy habit. Some aromatic plants, such as thyme or rosemary, if pruned properly, maintain small dimensions and, in addition to scenting the garden, are useful for their leaves widely used in cooking. If the garden is fenced, vines are ideal for taking advantage of vertical space. Ivy can be planted in the shade, while jasmine, wisteria and many types of climbing roses can be planted in a sunny area.

Create a small garden: Fruit trees

Many fruit trees also require little space to grow healthily, such as citrus fruits, whose trees, if pruned properly, are small and very resistant. Similar to citrus fruits but belonging to another genus, the Chinese mandarin (or Kumquat) is certainly the smallest fruit tree that can be grown in the garden or even in pots: it needs simple care, withstands temperatures even below freezing and the fruits are much appreciated. , both as a decorative element and as a food. Many Prunus (such as apricot, plum, almond and peach) if pruned regularly maintain minute dimensions, and the trunks are never thick, but also the apple and pear trees adapt easily to small spaces, as well as some varieties of Cherry tree. The advantage of growing fruit trees is, of course,

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