Cultivation strawberries

Strawberry. Features and curiosities

Strawberries are part of the Rosaceae family and are a perennial plant. They reach up to 20 centimeters in height, prefer soft and cool soil and a temperate and windy climate. The strawberry plant is equipped with long stolons which, between June and September, are removed to give life to new seedlings ready to be transplanted. Generally it is thought that the fruit is the succulent part, in reality the strawberry presents on the surface the achenes, that is black points, well it may seem strange, but the real fruits are really them. Strawberries prefer partial shade, are generally harvested between April and May, some varieties bear fruit until September. The flowers are small with five petals and give off a delicate scent. “Image Source:”

Strawberries. A perennial plant all year round

When it comes to strawberries, cultivation requires special care. First of all, the seedlings must be vigorous, with bare and well developed roots. It should be noted that the seedlings are not too dry, and that the roots do not have signs of green mold or black spots of rot, or that they are short, brittle or streaked with red. Varieties that bear fruit all year round or in June want full sun. Alpine strawberries also grow in partial shade. Well-drained soil is required for growing strawberries. They tolerate any type of soil as long as it is not too rich in clay. The seedlings are grown in early spring. The fruits are harvested in late spring, in summer there is the growth of stolons and in autumn mulching is carried out. “Image Source:”

Strawberries. Cultivation and care

For strawberries, the cultivation takes place in early spring. At the seedlings the roots are shortened and brought to 15 centimeters. A pocket as deep as the roots is dug and the plant is planted. The seedling must be placed in the hole with care, trying to keep petioles and buds out of the ground and covering the tops of the roots with the earth. The seedlings should be spaced 60 centimeters apart, while the rows should be placed at 120 centimeters from each other. We proceed with watering and then a straw cover is prepared. When the strawberries have a bright red color and are not too soft to the touch, they must be harvested. To grow strawberries in pots, the same planting procedure is used as for plants grown in the soil. “Image Source:”

Cultivation Strawberries: Strawberries. Variety and typology

Before proceeding with the cultivation of strawberries, it is necessary to distinguish type and variety. There are three types of strawberries: “Round tip”, “Conical” and “Alpine”. The varieties that are part of the “A rounded tip” type are: “Athena”, large strawberries; “Selva”, of fair size and consistent; “Dana” with large dimensions, not very consistent and late ripening. The “Conico” type includes: “Addie”, early ripening strawberries; “Linda”, with medium-late ripening, excellent consistency; “Chandler” resistant, with compact flesh; “Pajaro” regular form with late ripening; “Marmolada” large fruit and abundant yield. The “Alpine” typology includes: “

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