Cut flowers

The art of nature

Nature is not only that very powerful entity that has been able to create everything we see around us now; no, nature is much more, she is a wonderful artist: our planet is an almost perfect machine, and it is extraordinary because it is made up of millions of different gears, which however the creative force of nature has been able to coordinate very well. Many will object that in reality our planet has many problems and therefore it is far enough from a functioning that can be defined as “perfect”, but in reality it is not so, or rather it is so but only because man has put his hand in it , intervening more or less directly in many natural processes, seizing their perfect functioning and creating some fairly evident imbalances (hole in the ozone, rising water due to melting glaciers, extinctions of animals and plants and many others). Trying to correct what is still open to correction, our planet, Nature’s masterpiece, is truly a work of art in variety, fantasy, meaning, spirit. It really seems that everything goes perfectly with our tastes, so much so that most men are more than fascinated by various natural pieces, be they extraordinary animals (tiger, lion, eagle), or plants (baobabs, pines, flowers) or even landscapes (Grand Canyon, Italian coasts): all works of art.

The floral charm

It is no coincidence that at the end of the previous paragraph we cited some of the most influential natural works of various kinds; they are all capable of attracting the direct gaze of man from thousands of kilometers away, but we know, from direct experience, that nothing is comparable to what plants can do. The plant world has a long-standing bond with man, since it has always tried to look for both a delight and a utility in plants and flowers, such as when plants and their extracts were the basis of first pharmaceutical, centuries ago. In particular, flowers are an incredible means that the human being has discovered to convey emotions and communicate feelings; in fact the flower, which in nature has the purpose of favoring pollination and therefore the continuation of the species, in general it has those colors and scents that enchant man and give him a sense of serenity and peace like few other things can. Not surprisingly, in many of the most important moments of our life the flower is present: in the decoration of the places where we celebrate practically every event and / or anniversary and as a gift in various situations.

The cut flowers

When it happens that the extraordinary beauty of nature is combined with human inspiration (the positive one) then the results become formidable. One of the best examples of all this is the art of cut flowers: through experiments, attempts, failures and unexplained successes, man has managed to understand how to preserve flowers so that they never lose their beauty, but above all without the natural deterioration mechanisms made them lose the colors and scents that have always made these flowers love. Cut flowers, often kept in paintings with glass surfaces to make them admire and at the same time to keep their qualities for a long time, are a common and appreciated gift, considered classy and suitable for more than one occasion. Currently the existing compositions with cut flowers can be of various shapes and sizes, so that they can be placed anywhere in our home, furnishing it with the vivid shades of the colors of the flowers, which have always been beautiful and appreciated. Not only that, cut flowers are a great gift for really any occasion, and it is useful to emphasize that it is even more so for those people passionate about nature and gardening.

Cut flowers: The technique

Obviously, to produce cut flowers (even if the word, suitable in meaning, does not do justice to the naturalness and magic of these creations), there is a precise technique, since it is as if every natural process of decay that nature works on all bodies, including us humans. Usually our grandparents advised to place a flower between some large and heavy books and leave it there for days and days, even a few months; the result was a flower with an almost original color and an intense aroma, but which, when kept outdoors, did not perish but remained so. Having made the necessary clarification that if the flower is kept outdoors the decay is not completely interrupted but only extremely slowed down, currently cut flowers are produced in industrial terms, but describing how is not easy because every company has its own technique and certainly does not rush to spread it. However, the result is identical to when using the good old method, and conservation lasts even longer when the cut flower is “framed” without air passage (which is why this is the most used technique). The scientific explanation is not the goal of this short treatise, but a lot depends on the elimination by “pressing” of all the humidity and on the reduced quantity of air present around the flower.

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