The chore

A fundamental and inevitable part of the life of the human being is work: it works to live (and it must never be the other way around, you would lose the best of life) and very often its use takes up most of the day; but there is not only this type of work, but there is also the “job”: usually with this term we mean those jobs (sometimes real) that are practiced as a hobby, because for them there is a particular passion or inclination and we like to practice them in our free time or in any case as soon as we can, without worrying about their possible heaviness (physical or mental) because it has a positive effect on us, it helps us to disconnect from the usual routine. An example of a widespread hobby despite requiring a great deal of physical effort is the hobby of the garden: many people carve out a corner of the garden to be able to plant two vegetables, a few feet of salad, a small fruit tree to be able to cultivate their passion with the work of the land and with everything related to this way; It is clear that working the land as a profession is quite another thing, but even doing it for passion can be very demanding and must be taken into consideration.

Work tools

Every job, as we know, requires its specific tool, without which it could not be done completely; this happens for the worker who could do nothing without a spatula and wheelbarrow, it happens for the butcher who would have to close without a knife and slicer and it happens for the mechanic who would not be a mechanic without his wrench. In a garden, in a vegetable garden, exactly the same happens, you need the right tool for the various tasks to be performed: so we find the spade, the hoe, the shovel, the rake and little other stuff. With these few and simple tools, the same ones that our great-grandparents used for the same operations, you can keep a garden standing very decently, especially if we add to them a good dose of desire to tire us a little. Today, in the field of gardening, there is a great facilitation to these works, essentially represented by the mechanized tools that have now become very popular thanks to a quality of construction and to the price that have respectively risen and fallen. They were born specifically for gardening, to make it more usable and less tiring, in order to attract more and more enthusiasts; some of the most popular mechanized tools are the lawn mower, the tractor and the shredder.


Among the many mechanized work tools in the garden, in this article we talk and present the cutter: it is a tool that helps us (and the name suggests it widely) to “cut” especially branches of various sizes, which could be either tiring than dangerous (especially for the less experienced) if done with the classic tool, which can be either a cutting scissors or a saw. The construction of the cutting-off machine is not very simple, because the automatic movement that it must perform is not common; it is produced with two superimposed and slightly offset blades, both connected to a motor which moves them alternately back and forth so that they cut what is positioned between them. To do this, there must also be a mechanism that tightens the two blades, otherwise they would cut to a certain point and then we will find nothing more to operate on. What is to be noted is that this is not the only way of constructing the cutting-off mechanism, but depending on the manufacturer, different technologies can be found, more or less effective but also cheaper or less; the real difference, however, is often the power supply of the motor that moves everything.

Engine and prices

Continuing in the wake of the previous paragraph, we see the element that most distinguishes the various types of cutters: the motor; it can essentially be both electric and internal combustion (that is, like that of cars). The electric motor is of more recent introduction (due to the only recent development of batteries at least decent in power supplied and guaranteed duration) and usually guarantees greater silent operation, which in use in a home garden can be a fundamental requirement for not disturb neither our family members nor the whole neighborhood; this is notable above all with respect to the sometimes excessive noise of the models with internal combustion engine (especially of not recent construction), which however manage to guarantee greater reliability and a longer duration in use since you do not have to wait for the battery to recharge but just top up the fuel and continue working. As far as prices are concerned, the models of cut-offs with electric motors cost more but only because their introduction is more recent and we want to take advantage of the wave of the various environmentalist discourses so much in vogue especially among politicians in need of enriching their electorate; in general, the price is also due to the cutting power, linked to the construction material of the blades.

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