Decespugliatore Honda

The Honda 4-stroke brush cutter

The Honda brushcutter is suitable for mowing and cutting grass and its power makes it optimal also for cutting brambles and brushwood, if equipped with a steel disc it can also cut small trees. The engines are 4-stroke equipped with the Honda Quick Start system that allows a quick and easy start, without jerking and without fatigue. The brushcutters are petrol powered and do not require mixture preparation. Acceleration is always ready and excellent torque qualities make them ideal for the most demanding workers. Honda brushcutters have excellent performance which translates into lower fuel consumption making them economical even in prolonged use.

The range of Honda brushcutters

Honda brushcutters are produced in different models that vary in displacement and power and in the type of handle. Handlebar models offer a more comfortable working position and greater control. Particular attention has been paid to the protections which are designed in such a way as to always offer maximum visibility to the operator, the wire heads are of the type with automatic wire unwinding, which can be operated by simply knocking the head on the ground. All ignition, throttle and stop switch controls are housed in a single, ergonomic and easy-to-use control. Honda brushcutters can be equipped with 10 “cutting discs, the heads are equipped with a line with a particular section that greatly reduces the noise produced by rotation,

Performance and usage notes

The performance of the engines is at the highest levels of the category and the exhaust gas emissions are reduced to a minimum, the silence guaranteed by specially designed mufflers and the perfect balance reduces vibrations. The lower emissions are discounted above all in pollutants such as nitrogen monoxide (NOx) and in unburnt hydrocarbons. When using the brushcutter it is good to remember to always be equipped with personal protection systems. The high rotation speeds of the heads make the risk of throwing objects and rubble concrete to damage oneself and others. It is therefore advisable to operate at the due distance from other people and always equipped with a protective mask, ear muffs and long trousers with protections.

Honda brushcutter: Multifunction brushcutter

Honda has developed a multifunction brushcutter, available in two displacements that offers the possibility of mounting a complete range of accessories through the Honda Joint System. Without using any tools it is possible to vary the function of the brushcutter with 7 different tools. A pruner is available for pruning at a height of more than 2 meters; blades for cutting hedges, equipped with two extensions to operate at different heights; an extension with a cutter to loosen the soil of small flower beds; a shaker for harvesting olives and other fruits. The engines that equip this kind of tools are made up of 4-stroke engines with displacement from 25 to 35 cc, reduced weight to less than 6 kg and excellent performance. The 0 tank,

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