Decoctions or tinctures or oils mixed with cream

How the decoctions, tinctures and oils mixed with the base cream are born

The ancient peoples (from the Egyptians to the Babylonians, from the Phoenicians to the Greeks) used herbs, leaves, seeds, flowers and all their elements to treat more or less important symptoms and physical ailments. oils and ointments were also used for body and face cosmetics, or for the treatment and healing of wounds. With the maceration of leaves or seeds, decoctions and herbal teas were made which were administered to sick people. ‘extraction is obtained from the essential oil from different parts of the plant (flowers, leaves, fruits, rinds or roots). With these particular medicinal techniques, natural medicine works well alongside the conventional one, making itself appreciated for the lack of particular side effects and for its high biological value.Let’s see in detail the different types of preparation.

Decoctions mixed with the cream

The preparation of the decoction with the cream is indicated for non-aromatic drugs, which remain stable in contact with high temperatures. They are raw materials that do not contain volatile principles that would be lost during the decoction process, such as the roots, barks, seeds or peels of the plant, which are immersed in a container with boiling water for a maximum time of 30 minutes. some cases the procedure is preceded by a maceration process of the drug in cold water for a few hours. After maceration, a state of boiling is maintained for a maximum of 3 hours, depending on the principle to be extracted.At the end of the boiling phase, the liquid is filtered to make the decoction, which can be used as a drink, ointment for baths or sponging or as a smoke.

Dyes mixed with cream

The tincture consists in the maceration of certain plant drugs with the use of an alcoholic solvent according to a drug-alcohol ratio of 1: 5. The drug is crushed and placed in hermetically sealed glass containers and left to soak for a period ranging from 5 to 10 days, in a warm place away from sunlight. Every now and then it should be turned and filtered. The drug that is formed must then be squeezed out and, if necessary, more solvent is added. The mother tincture has a very intense medicinal effect and is preferred over other methods of therapy. The use of mother dye is chosen in cases of healing and healing of wounds or for cosmetic purposes, such as for coloring the hair, with the henna technique.

Decoctions or tinctures or oils mixed with cream: Essential oils mixed with cream

Essential oil is a phytochemical compound extracted from the aromatic essence of a plant that preserves its active ingredient intact.The method of extracting the essential oil is varied: from steam distillation to cold pressing, up to distillation dry or destructive. Essential oil is mixed with creams and ointments. The most used are the darts of almonds, olives, argan, calendula, lavender and bergamot.It must be remembered that the oils, once prepared, must be used quickly because they lose their effectiveness after a very short time and that you should not exceed with quantities. A few drops of oil must be combined with a base cream or gel, to quickly obtain excellent and extremely effective creams for body care and massage.

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