DIY flower arrangements

When to make DIY flower arrangements

It is quite easy to make DIY flower arrangements, even for those who are just starting out with scissors and ribbons. The important thing is to have a basic idea that can also be copied from some image on the internet. The flower arrangements DIY find their natural place at the entrance of the houses, but it is also not uncommon to find them in the living room or kitchen. Some flower arrangements can also be hung on the wall, but it will be necessary to have a base, such as the frame of an old painting that you want to get rid of. The new trends for DIY flower arrangementsthey follow the technique of creative recycling, in addition to old vases also plastic bottles or the lower part of a coffee pot can represent the ideal support. The advice is to make DIY flower arrangements with dried flowers, fresh ones tend to wither and are good for special occasions and events such as lunches, dinners or private parties.

DIY flower arrangements centerpiece

The easiest DIY flower arrangements to make are centerpieces. A vase that we have received as a gift and that we do not like can change life with fresh flowers, colored ribbons and some glitter to simulate dew drops. As for the flowers, it is better to choose beautiful calla lilies that last a long time and are of great effect. With a colored ribbon, on the other hand, you can wrap the vase to camouflage it and finally glue small glitter with hot glue. If you decide to use a low container, you will also need to buy the green sponge to better fix the flowers and make the centerpiece stable. The best flowers are gerberas, which have a very low cost and are easy to arrange.

Paper tea flower arrangements

The paper tea flower arrangements are of great visual impact and go well with any type of décor. They are very original and also unusual, because in order to make them you need great dexterity and a lot of patience. A piece of paper can turn into a beautiful flower if you love DIY. To make the DIY flower arrangements you can also ask your children for help who will be really happy to shred the paper together with you and in some cases they will show you the technique to create the flowers. By now at school the teachers are used to teaching the art of origami: roses, tulips, poppies, cherry blossoms. And many other paper flowers can become beautiful paper compositions.

DIY fabric flower arrangements

DIY fabric flower arrangements are much loved by creative sewing enthusiasts and can make a great Mother’s Day gift idea. Simple and original, they stand out from other classic DIY flower arrangements with dried flowers, in silk or paper, because they can be easily cleaned and regain the old bright colors. They also do not deteriorate and annoying insects will not settle between the petals. The DIY flower arrangements in fabric do not have a very high cost and you can use old T-shirts and old pants that would otherwise be thrown away. It is a very easy job and you only need scissors, needle and thread and maybe some iron wire to create the support stems. To make the petals you can draw a shape on a cardboard.

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