DIY gardens

DIY gardens: do you know everything about the environment?

In the creation of do-it-yourself gardens, first of all it is absolutely necessary to know the area that we are going to modify and embellish with plants and flowers. First of all, let’s try to decipher the characteristics of the place where we live. What kind of climate do we have? What are the maximum and minimum temperatures during summer and winter? How many hours of sunshine can we enjoy during the seasons in the area we want to treat? Do we know the degree of humidity in the environment? These might seem trivial questions, yet thanks to the answers given, we could easily choose the types of flowers and plants to include in our DIY gardens. Only after carefully examining the surrounding environment, can we determine which plants we are going to use, and possibly the possibility of inserting earth tanks or not.

DIY gardens: a fragrant hedge

Once you become aware of the habitat in which plants and flowers will be introduced, the funniest moment has arrived: the choice of the protagonists of our DIY garden! If you have enough space, a jasmine plant is recommended. Jasmine is perfect for creating an elegant and delicate hedge. It offers a light but very intoxicating scent and does not require special care. It also adapts perfectly to a mild climate and does not suffer too much from the coldest temperatures. Another very fragrant solution is the lavender plant. Creating a hedge of lavender bushes has multiple advantages: first of all for those who love its scent, lavender allows you to create even small bouquets to also perfume indoor environments and linen. It lives spontaneously and does not require special care. Finally,

Some flowers for your garden

If your idea is to have a beautiful garden 365 days a year but at the same time you don’t have much time to apply your green thumb, there are two ways: the first is to have the Harry Potter magic wand, while the second is choose plants that maintain their beauty in every season. Among these, geranium is a timeless classic, which is never boring as there are numerous varieties. Another optimal solution for DIY gardens is the Dahlia, perfect flower both to be housed in flower beds and in pots, if you want to rebuild a garden even on the terrace. Finally, if you want a colorful garden, we recommend planting some hydrangeas. This flower has many varieties of color and also grows well in gardens where sunlight is not present for many hours a day.

Accessories: not just plants and flowers

DIY gardens certainly have beautiful plants and colorful flowers as protagonists, but like any environment, it is the accessory that can make the difference! Some examples to make your garden truly original? How about a beautiful wrought iron coffee table complete with chairs? This is a really elegant solution. You can also make the chairs more comfortable with cushions to match the flowers that surround you. Another really cool accessory could be an old wooden cart. Finding it is perhaps a bit difficult. You could do some research in some antiques market but the sacrifice will certainly be worth it. In fact, an old wooden cart could be the perfect frame for your flower pots. So, instead of placing them on the ground,

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