DIY wedding decorations

Why create DIY wedding decorations

By choosing to make DIY wedding decorations, it is possible to spend little and create compositions that will leave even the most sophisticated guests amazed. The ideas for DIY wedding decorations are endless, maybe it may be useful to visit the florist to get some advice or simply to get an idea of ​​the materials you will need to buy and how you will have to assemble them to create perfect decorations. do it yourself wedding you will not run the risk of spending a lot and having a service that does not exactly correspond to your needs. Generally, friends and relatives closest to the bride are very happy to be able to help, and this is also a good way to strengthen old bonds that have deteriorated due to some old disagreement.

DIY shabby chic wedding decorations

You don’t have to be a great artist to create DIY wedding decorations. All you need is a lot of imagination and a little manual skills. Even the groom can be involved in this kind of wedding art attack, especially when he realizes that with a minimum cost you can also create very romantic DIY wedding decorations of shabby chic inspiration. bride, it can be decorated with satin ribbons and organza bows, in soft colors like cream or bright like fuchsia. Small light pink roses can be placed in wicker baskets to complete the altar. The same baskets enriched with ribbons and candles can become centerpieces, and for place cards the ideas are endless.

What colors do it yourself wedding decorations

As for the colors of the DIY decorations, it is preferable to avoid too bright colors, the final result could give the idea that it is a birthday party and not a wedding. Cream, champagne, and pastel shades are the ones to be preferred. Although lately the DIY wedding decorations, in defiance of superstitions, are also purple. Red is too obvious, while fuchsia, combined with white, manages to give a pinch of unexpected vitality and that goes perfectly with any type of ceremony, both simple and elaborate. It is important to remember that some combinations such as green and pink are symbols of innocence and purity, ideal for young couples, while gold and champagne indicate luxury and glitz. Some colors can be found in the details of the bride’s and bridesmaids’ dress.

DIY wedding decorations with ears of wheat

Some indispensable elements in the creation of DIY wedding decorations are the ears of wheat, especially if you choose flowers such as sunflowers and tulips, or daisies and gerberas (which have a very low cost). Simplicity is the basis of DIY wedding decorations. To arrange the ears of corn, the green sponge is essential, which can be easily found in the gardening department of large DIY stores. The ears of wheat give the DIY decorations a rocky and romantic touch that can be completed if you choose painted tin boxes as a container. The ribbons must recall the typical colors of summer and the earth. Small stones decorated with a felt-tip pen with motifs that recall crochet doilies can be used as a place card.

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