DIY wedding decorations

DIY wedding decorations: bring your passions to the ceremony

Organizing your wedding, ceremony and reception can be a wonderful phase in your life, but at the same time it can become extremely tiring and expensive. Build DIY wedding decorationshelps you save and increases fun and sharing. It also allows the highest degree of customization. In fact, if you opt for do-it-yourself, it is possible to set up the entire location in an absolutely personalized way, without having to compromise. You can bring your passions directly to the dinner tables. If you love flowers you can build bouquets of paper flowers that bring color and joy, or if you love music, decorations built using old vinyl records will give the party a wonderful retro atmosphere and at the same time allow you to show everyone. interests of the spouses.

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DIY flower centerpiece – the best way for bucolic decorations

The centerpiece is an inevitable and indispensable element for the reception of a wedding. Personalizing the centerpiece is an excellent way to express your creativity and share it with family and friends. Building a flower centerpiece using home-grown materials is extremely simple. All you need are glass jars, a fairly thick string and some vinyl glue. Once the jar has been thoroughly cleaned, you can start applying the lanyard. This is applied around the spiral jar, so that the string goes to completely cover the entire surface of the jar. To attach the string to glass or plastic, the string should be sprinkled with glue as you roll it up. When the glue dries it becomes completely transparent and therefore absolutely invisible.

Personalized candles give a dream atmosphere

Candles are among the must-haves of weddings. If there are no candles to make the atmosphere intimate and romantic, something is clearly missing. However, candles can often appear obvious and banal. With a bit of imagination you can transform a simple candle into delicious DIY wedding decorations. For sea lovers, for example, they can be placed on plates with sand and shells. If, on the other hand, you want to achieve a more Zen, intimate and relaxing atmosphere, you can build tiny lamps using glass jars. Many foods are sold in small glass packages; these can be filled with small candles which can then be placed on tables or hung around the location if the ceremony is held outdoors.

Decorations for the ceremony: space in color and fantasy

The decorations of the ceremony location are fundamental. It matters little whether the ceremony is held indoors or outdoors, the important thing is that the atmosphere is exactly what we want. With these decorations the theme of the whole party is outlined and in this way you have the possibility of giving a uniform appearance to all the components of the party. The chairs from which the guests will follow the ceremony are perfect bases for decorations. Even just a simple piece of fabric is enough to obtain a colorful bow that will characterize the whole environment. The chairs can also be further decorated with real or fake flowers. Flowers can be placed along the edge of the aisle or corridor, for example, to guide the bride and groom.

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