DIY wedding

How to organize a DIY wedding

If you have time available and are armed with patience, organizing a do-it-yourself wedding can be really satisfying and can also have low costs. First you have to decide the date of the event. Choosing to get married on a weekday instead of a Saturday or Sunday allows you to contain the costs of the reception. After a careful evaluation of the resources available, you can move on to drawing up a list of guests. To save money, the party can be divided into two moments, one open only to a part of the guests (close relatives) and a second including the cutting of the wedding cake in which the remaining guests and therefore friends and acquaintances also participate. At this point the invitations can be made by choosing the style and theme pleasing to the spouses: you can use paper, cards, veils, embroidery, balloons or even vinyl records by buying the various materials wholesale or online. If, on the other hand, you want to take advantage of modern technologies, you can create participations to be sent via email or text message or to be shared on social networks.

The do-it-yourself ceremony

There are numerous elements that make the ceremony of a wedding unforgettable: the location, the decorations, the bride and groom’s clothes, the music.In a DIY wedding, choose an easily accessible location, an open space or a church in your own city favors cost containment. The usual floral decorations can be replaced with DIY decorations such as paper flowers, candles, lanterns. The bride’s bouquet itself can be purchased from your trusted florist and made up of seasonal flowers or replaced by delicious paper flowers. During the ceremony all the guests will have their eyes on the bride. She can buy the dress in an outlet or in thrift stores but she can also rent it or wear the dress of a relative. For make-up and «wigs»

The do-it-yourself reception

The reception generally comes to bring fun after the emotional moments of the ceremony. Even the reception can follow the criteria of do-it-yourself: to save money instead of unusual castles, villas and sumptuous restaurants in a do-it-yourself wedding you can point to trattorias and farmhouses or, if the wedding takes place in a hot season, you can think to celebrate outdoors by taking advantage of the catering and banqueting services. In the first case it is advisable to take advantage of the «all inclusive» service for centerpieces and place cards. If this is not foreseen, the spouses have the right to create original place cards and centerpieces with the help of friends or relatives. But you can do more: prepare the entire banquet. There are sites that help to do this by also providing recipes and tips to save.

DIY Wedding: The favors in a DIY wedding

After moments full of joys, it is time to greet the guests, leaving them a memory of the day spent in the company of the newlyweds. What better way to do it than DIY wedding favors? To be made on the theme of invitations, they can be simple containers for handmade confetti such as boxes, doilies or crocheted animals, origami, embroidered bags and must contain a note with the name of the couple and the date of the happy event. For those who want something more important, you can buy jars to fill and decorate at will or objects for the home and free time. In any case, we must not forget the sugared almonds that can be chosen wholesale from numerous flavors. Each wedding favor should contain at least five.

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