DIY wooden canopies

DIY wooden canopies

Building a DIY wooden shed is a good way to enhance the door we have on the garden, creating an area outside where you can still receive your acquaintances. It is a construction operation of a certain magnitude and, if we do not feel safe, it is better to consult a specialized worker to build it for us. Furthermore, since it is a construction that changes the structure of our house, it is better to make sure that you have all the necessary permits to the municipality to which you belong. Having said that, if we have the specific authorizations and the necessary experience, we can however do it ourselves, provided we have the necessary materials that we will see in the next paragraph; the project itself is not excessively complex and with a little dexterity we can assemble the canopy without any problem.

Necessary materials and tools

The materials that we need to find in order to build a DIY wooden shed consist of four (or more, depending on the size we want to give the shed) beams, as many support poles, round head bolts, joists, nails. , roofing timber and floor anchors. In addition, we will have to go get some tools, such as tape measure, pencil, ruler, colored chalk and drill. Of course, we can add other things, like a plexiglass plate; furthermore, all materials will be in dimensions relative to those of our project. Consequently, it is advisable to first carry out a sort of design, sketching the general dimensions of the canopy to scale on the sheet with the help of a tape measure and ruler, and then go to the shop to get everything you need.

DIY wooden sheds construction

At this point we move on to the actual construction of the canopy; first of all, it is necessary to recreate the dimensions designed on the site where we are going to erect it by using the tape measure and plaster, or by using nails and string if we are working on the earth. It is now possible to place the galvanized anchors on the ground on the marks made on the ground, after having made a hole in the ground with the drill and then fastening them with screws. At this point it is advisable to get help from a person to fix the two poles closest to the house and stop them with the help of a joist. Then a hole is made both on the beam and on the posts and fixed with the aid of one of the round head bolts. The operation is then repeated for all the other poles until we have the supporting structure of our canopy.

Finishing touches and tips

At this point we can move on to the final touches, such as painting, which protects our canopy from fungal diseases and moths, as long as you use a suitable paint. The costs of a canopy constructed in this way vary considerably depending on the size and structure. For a very small canopy, which barely protects the door, a hundred euros may be enough, but if we want to create a structure of considerable size and very elaborate, the price can rise up to a thousand euros or even more. The price also varies according to the kind of wood we use; fir will be, for example, cheaper than oak. As far as maintenance is concerned, the canopy does not need it badly; just clean it with a cloth soaked in products suitable for wood as is done for normal furniture.

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